liam: week one.

I hope your is going well!
How is it already April?!
What the heck.
Today I'm sharing Liam's first week home.
I can't believe this was six weeks ago?!
Time needs to slow its roll.
My goodness.
Zak and I literally just say all day long, "he's seriously the cutest thing ever," and "I just love him so dang much."
Being a parent is just like having your heart explode a billion times a day.
Nothing could prepare us for the love we have toward this little boy.
It's outta this world.
I mean, look at that face!!
I could stare at him all day long.
My favorite this is to watch his big blue eyes while I'm nursing-
they're so stinkin pretty.

We celebrated his first week of life with some cupcakes and had a mini birthday party for him.
Yep, we're those parents.
We love holidays and you know we're not about to miss any of his weekly b-days or milestones.

Creighton is so awesome and very family friendly, so Zak was able to be at home with us that first week, which was beyond amazing.
He's just the best dad ever.
He'd get up with Liam early early in the morning so I could sleep in,
and this is what I'd see when I woke up.
They're the cutest study buddies I'll tell yah!

My heart just can't take it-
I love being your momma Liam. 

We ended up staying in the hospital two nights and three days.
We finally got home in the late afternoon and couldn't wait to introduce Romie to his baby brother.
Rom did so well.
He just wanted to give kisses and stood guard wherever Liam was.
During the night when we'd get up with him Romie would race over to his crib and make sure everything was okay.
It's so sweet.
Our little protector.

Our first night home was a wee bit chaotic..
we had people over right away so we never got too settled lol and that night was something from a sitcom. 
I was still wearing my robe.
We were both going on zero sleep.
Little mister didn't want to lay in his crib.
Which, I don't blame him for- he was only two days old!
We were running around till 4:00 AM desperately trying to find something he'd sleep in.
The crib, no.
The pack and play, no.
The rocker, no.
The carseat {see our desparity now}, no.
The stroller, no. 
And we were kinda freaking out, yah know cuz we never thought we'd sleep again.
And then, we found his favorite spot.
In bed, snuggled up next to us.
We didn't want to co-sleep initially-
not that we're against it,
I'm a product of co-sleeping,
 we're just heavy sleepers and paranoid that something scary could happen.
So, in our crazy new parent minds we took turns sleeping next to him while the other one stood guard-
just to make sure nothing bad happened.
What rookies.
I think the lack of sleep got to our heads for sure..
But it was certainly a night we'll never forget.
The craziness of bringing home baby!

We also gave him his first sponge bath at home.
He wasn't the biggest fan, but now he gets a big boy bath every night and really likes the water, especially the sound of the facet.
He's the cutest!

Some of his other "firsts" were...
Movie: Star Wars
Music: Theory of Everything Soundtrack
Restaurant: Pane Bianco
Book: Harry Potter 
We also went to a vitamin store that week, we took him on his first walk outside with Romie, tried out the stroller, he got to meet all of his grandparents, we took him to his first pediatrician appointment, we gave him his first bath at home and had lots and lots of family cuddle time.
And that right there is one of his favorite napping spots.
He's such a little cuddle bug, 
and we love it. 

Another adorable thing he does is look up at Zak when he's holding him-
he always wants to know if daddy's holding him. 

His little button noes KILLS ME. 
I love all his little features so much it hurts.

This was his first car ride, on the way home from the hospital.
Look at those eyes!!

My dad recently moved out of state, so he ended meeting Liam a couple days after he was born.
I was so so so excited for them to meet!
Fun fact- Liam's namesake, William, comes from my dad's first name.

During his first week we had lots of visitors!
One night we had my entire family over for dinner, it's so sweet to watch my niece and nephew hangout with him.
My nephew is a HUGE Star Wars fan and he brought over all his memorabilia to show Liam and we even watched The Empire Strikes Back- like I said before, Liam's first movie!
We're making sure he watches all the classics first.

Liam and Zak have the best nap sessions.
He loves being on his chest, and that right there melts my heart.

If you know Zak really well, you probably know that he can sleep anywhere at anytime.
And when I mean sleep, I mean a deep instant sleep.
It's really quite a talent haha!
I've timed him before and he's fallen dead asleep within seconds.
Lucky duck.
Anywho, he also tends to sleep with his mouth open, something everyone always teased him about {in a nice tease kinda way} and just look who took after their daddy in the sleep department!
It's crazy to already see little parts of Zak and I in him.
So nuts!

I still have my security blanket that I grew up with...
don't judge.
So naturally I wrapped him up in it-
maybe I'll pass it down one day.

Zak's grandma sent us the cutest custom ice creams to celebrate Liam-
this one was for the late night nursing sessions.
How sweet is that?!

And this is my view at 2:00 AM-
can't get enough of him. 

Every night we swaddle him up and somehow he always manages to wiggle his little arms out.
He's so stinkin strong!

These pictures of Zak just scream-
Crazy hair, laundry on the bed and a tiny little babe.

Sometimes he gives us dirty looks..
and we can't get enough.

And sometimes he gives us angel faces..
and we still can't get enough.

Below is kinda how our days look now-
nursing all day long!
And I really love it.
The bond is incredible and it's made me just slow down and take all of this in.
I'm usually someone who likes to be on the go, doing stuff all the time and checking things off my to-do list,
but he's taught be to put all that junk aside and savor these moments.
So that's what we do.
We cuddle and nurse and cuddle some more all day long!

Look how tiny he was!
Just a couple days old.

We successfully made it to his first doctors appointment-
and were only 3 minutes late!
Woot woot.
He did amazing!
Never cried, even after being poked and prodded!

The first week seems like years ago now, but I want to remember all the little moments, how he looked, what he did, who visited, how our nights went, what all his firsts were and everything else in-between.
We're so in love and I don't think i'll ever be able to put into words how amazing he is-
but for now I can blog blog blog my heart out in this diary of ours so I never forget what it was like to bring him home!

We love you so!


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