liam: week nine.

You guys, he's so active and we love it!
He smiles back at us and it's the best thing in the world.
It's like we know he kinda likes us!
Seriously he'll just smile and laugh and giggle and coo and kick all day long and I literally just stare at him for hours!
And take a million photos and videos while I'm at it. 
He gets going so wild he pulls down his jammies!

This stage is amazing. 
People kept telling me, it gets even better just wait!
And now I know-
when they can express their happiness it's the sweetest treasure!
He also loves lights and ceiling fans.
He'll be so content staring at them all day long!

He reminds me of ET below, all wrapped up like that.
He's the best best friend I could ask for and I cherish our days together.

He's so patient with me {he gets that from Zak} while I figure out how to be a mom..
it's a tough gig, but oh so rewarding!


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