liam: week four.

So his fourth week was probably the craziest!
It included hospital trips, a wedding and lots of visitors.
It was a dozy!
But we got through it and all is well.

So that Tuesday I woke up super achy, I had a low fever and I felt horrible.
Like really really horrible.
I was still in pain from nursing, recovering from labor and now I had the flu-
oh and was going off of very very little sleep.
It was hands down the toughest day of motherhood thus far.
A lot harder than labor. 
And that says something. 
So anywho, I was really sick and throughout the day Liam started to feel really warm as well.
We took his temperature and he too had a fever.

We called the pediatrician and since he was technically under a month old they told us to go straight to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Once we got all checked in they ran a bunch of tests.
Poor little guys got lots of shots, but was such a little trooper.
He was doing much better than I was!

Since he was so young they automatically make you stay for at least a night so we got to have a little slumber party at the hospital.

I was so sick that Zak stayed up with him all night and let me sleep as much as I could because I barely had enough strength to feed him.

Thankfully in the morning I was feeling a little better so Zak could get some sleep while I watched over Liam.

He ended up passing all of his tests and everything turned out okay!
My mom and aunt stopped by to see how he was doing.

We said so many prayers and thanked the Lord for his good health.
I know many families have sick little ones and I could not imagine what they are going through.
Having a sick or injured child is really the worst thing ever.

We think he might have just picked up the bug from me, but it didn't last long thank goodness!
They discharged us the next night and we were so happy to be home!

A couple days later, after we were all a little rested and feeling one hundred times better, we attended one of our high school friend's wedding.
It was really nice to get out the house after being sick!

Liam got to meet lots of our old friends and he ended up sleeping the entire time!
It was a super fun night after a rough week.
We laid low the rest of the weekend, just hanging out and relaxing.
We got to give him his first big boy bath and he loved it!
We first gave him a sink bath, but then learned he liked to stretch in the tub when one of us is in there with him-
so now he gets a big bath every night!
If he weren't such a little naked bird in all the photos I'd totally post them because he's so dang cute and loves kicking in the water.

We started an awesome bed time routine that works like magic when putting him to bed.
We take a bath around 8:00 PM, then it's jammies, new diaper, swaddle, lotion and vitamins.
Once he's all wrapped up I feed him one last time while Zak reads to him and we say a family prayer-
by that time he's about knocked out by 9:30!

We then celebrated his fourth week and almost one month with cookies!!

He's quickly learning his parents like food.
Especially sweets!
Happy four weeks Liam, we love you so!


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