liam: week five.

We celebrated week five by staying our jambes and making Monday a gloriously last day.
It was pretty awesome.
Lets see that week he..
-Met his cousin Penelope for the first time
- Borrowed his cousin's Mammaroo and loved it, PS that chair is like a parents best friend!

We tried this little rocker below, and he wasn't feeling it!
So we're definitely going to get a Mammaroo next baby.

- He also met some of my other friends and their babies
- He started following us with his eyes, it was such a cool thing to see him watch Zak walk across the room
- This is the week he started to react to us and our hearts kinda totally melted
- We took our first big car ride to Gilbert solo! I was so nervous to drive that far alone, but he did amazing.

- We celebrated St. Patrick's Day in this cute little number sent to us by his great grandma in IL!

- And I took million of pics of him sound asleep on my chest.
They never get old.

This is the week he also started to just wake up only once at night!
Woot woot.
He'd go down around 9:30 and wake up at 3:00-
not too shabby!

We certainly appreciated it!

This week was pretty easy going!
No big events, no appointments, no running around.
Just hanging out with my boy.


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