liam: week eight.

Week eight was gone in a flash!
It was the week leading up to a super fun wedding and I swear the days just mushed together!
This is when he started to get super talkative!
He loves to kick and gets really silly and excited throughout the day.
I swear every morning we wake up and I watch him play I get so happy.
Like my heart sings!
I'm just so thankful to be his momma.
He's the happiest baby and makes me smile and laugh all day long.
I've uploaded a few videos to Instagram of him cooing and kicking off his little blankets and I could literally watch those videos over and over and over again.
I love him so much it hurts!

I'm literally listening to him coo and giggle at Zak and it's the CUTEST THING EVER!
He gets so excited at night and gets his little legs kicking and makes all kinds of sounds.
This parenting gig just gets more fun and fun as the weeks go by!
PS I swear he really likes us...

And he likes Romie too!
And Romie thinks he's pretty cool too.
This is one of our hangout sessions.
They're pretty chill.

Lots of just casual diaper time. 
We like to lounge a lot in this house hold!
We don't get outta bed till about 9:30....
haha I have a babe that loves to sleep in and I'm not complaining one bit!

We lay down, nurse, nap, play and repeat all morning long.
It's the best way to wake up I tell yah!

And when daddy's home it's all about guys time and nap time.
They both love their sleep.

And their baths too!
So much so sometimes he snoozes during them.

He's also a mighty fine shopping buddy!
He visited the Scottsdale mall with my mom and I-
shout out to Nordstrom for the awesome mother's lounge
And we made it to Target as well!
He totally fit in in his red onesie.

 And we cuddled a ton!
I was away at a wedding that weekend-
it was the longest we'd been apart so the days leading up I made sure to snuggle, snuggle and snuggle some more!


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