i love..

I love..
when you suck your bottom lip and make a goofy little grin.
when you kick kick kick those little legs.
when you coo and giggle and squeal with excitement.
when you make eye contact with me and smile.
when you watch me walk across the room.
when you get happy when you see your dad or I in the morning.
when we cuddle in bed all morning long.
when you stare at all the trees during our walks.
when you splash in the bath.
when you whip your head back and forth feeling the water.
when you smile so big my heart feels like it's going to explode!
when you hiccup.
when you stick your little tongue out. 

when you kick your left leg during diaper changes.
when you stop crying when I hold you.
when you put your little hand on my chest while you eat.
and when you calm right down once you're nursing.
when you make all your different facial expressions. 
when you play in your crib, patiently waiting to be picked up.
when you make little spit bubbles. 
when you have crazy hair.
when you stare at the fan and watch the lights .
when we have little conversations together.
when you listen to me sing.
when you watch me and smile.. like right now.
when we spend our days together and our nights.

Most importantly I just love being your momma.


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