Happy Friday! 
Just checking in real quick!
I currently have a nursing baby in my lap, two pups by my side and Fixer Upper is on in the background so I figured I'd do a quick post to catch yah up on life lately.
We recently had a loved one pass away so Liam and I were outta town this week attending the funeral.
It was such a sweet celebration of life, and he was able to meet lots of my family members, which was fun to see.
We're going to First Friday tonight, which is like a big block party where there's food trucks, vendors and art exhibits all around downtown Phoenix.
The weather has been unreal so we're trying to do as much as we can outside before it gets hot.

Liam's doing amazing- he's so aware and awake all the time!
It's so fun to see his little personality coming out.
I seriously cherish these days so much and love love love hanging out with my little best friend all day.
My days are slow and relaxed and I'm so grateful to be able to stay at home with him.
Hmm lets see what else has been going on lately..!?
I started a new nutrition/fitness plan and we've completely changed the way we eat.
Way more fruits/veggies and {almost} no processed foods. 
It's hard to fit in gym time so I'm working out at home, which has been an fun change.
Working out is my "me time" and I try my very hardest to fit in each day-
because when you're exclusively breastfeeding you sometimes only get like 30 minutes alone each day.
And that's no exaggeration.
Haha especially when you have a little man who loves to eat all day long like mine!
Zak's now in his family medicine rotation so the hours are really nice and he's able to come home for lunch each day, which is really awesome.
He's the cutest dad ever and I love the relationship him and Liam have.
It's the best.
Welp, I'm still backtracking and trying to post about each week with Liam so look out for those..
haha they're taking me a little bit longer to write but I'll get them done one day!
Along with his birth story!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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