five things on my mind.

Happy FriYAY!
Hmm lets see..
Five things that are on my mind lately:

1. I'm currently binge watching How to Get Away With Murder, season two-
and man oh man is it juicy!
And full of twists and turns.
My dad was over earlier this week and asked what I was watching-
when I told him the title he was like, "What in the... should I be worried?!"
Hahaha he had never heard of it.
So it pretty much made me sound like a psycho.
It's fine. 
Any new shows you're watching?! 
I like to keep a running tab of ones I need to try.

2. We're having a little stay-cation next weekend to celebrate my first Mother's Day and I cannot wait.
I just wanna eat yummy food, lay by the pool, take a relaxing bubble bath, go shopping and enjoy this perfect Spring weather before it gets too hot!

3. I'm down four more lbs woot woot!! 
Only ten more to go before I'm pre babe weight, but 15 is my real goal.
I'm not dieting, just making healthy choices and working out. 
I'm scared to restrict any calories since I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I would be so so so bummed if my supply went down because I wasn't eating enough calories. 

4. Zak and I picked up this salad dressing at Target called Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado Dressing and you guys, it's so good!
This isn't an ad or sponsored post or anything!
I just really wanted to tell you guys about it!
It's like 40 calories per serving and tastes so stinking good.
We've been making salads all week and I'm planning on going back and picking up another bottle this ASAP.
Trust me, you need to try it.

5. Zak's the best hubby ever and is helping me with some projects I've been working on lately. Blogging has been a passion of mine for about five years now, can you believe it?! 
And now that I'm staying at home with Liam full time I have lots of fun stuff planned for Newlywed Diaries. 
I'm thankful I have a partner who supports my dreams and helps me achieve my goals-
thanks babe, you da best! 

So that's kinda what's been going on in my brain lately-
an obsession with ranch dressing and How to get Away with Murder.

Have an awesome weekend lovies!


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