valentines day.

Hello lovelies!
I hope your day is going swell! 
Like I said in my last post, I'm kinda back tracking before I share Liam's birthday so that I don't forget about the amazing days leading up to it-
for instance like Valentines Day!

Which also happens to be Zak's and I's favorite holiday.
He's kinda the over-the-top-romantic-mushy-gushy type so I always look forward to February 14th.
But this year was extra special. 
And one I will never ever ever ever ever forget.
The day before Zak had to work an overnight shift at the hospital so he didn't get home till Valentines morning.
Each year we switch off surprising the other with the day's plans and 2016 was my year.
You can see our past years here and here.
Being super pregnant I opted for a more easy going day and surprised Zak with a "hearty" breakfast.

Complete with flowers, heart shaped pancakes, a few presents and lots of strawberries. 
We spent the morning talking over our short-stacks, just about our little babe that we couldn't wait to meet and our future together..
Not knowing we'd meet him the next day!

I wish our table always looked like this!
These flowers were everything.

The whole morning we kept saying things like,
"we're really having a baby," and "I can't wait to meet him!"
After breakfast we wanted to finally finish his little nook in our room, so Zak completed the crib, moved some furniture around, hung a few things and we got it all together..
little did we know it was just in time for his arrival.
Procrastination much?!
Afterwards we ordered some take-out and had yummy artisan pizzas, salad and ice cream all while curled up on the couch with a movie on in the background.

That was the point where I told Zak I was "ready to pop!" because literally after two bites of pizza I was SO full and couldn't have anymore. 
And I was SO right because that night around midnight my water broke!

It wasn't a fancy smancy day, but man oh man it was special day for us-
especially being so preggo.
It was just Zak and I in our own little world without any distractions-
no phones, social media, studying, chores, to-do lists or visitors.
Just him and I in lovey dovey land.
The timing couldn't have been more perfect.
It was almost like a mini babymoon-
hours before his arrival.
We were able to focus on our relationship and get some extra hours of us time before meeting our own little Valentine, baby Liam. 

Just when we both thought life couldn't be more grand, 
we met the love of our life hours later-
making February 14th 2016 the best Valentine's Day EVER! 


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