before the babe.

Hi Everyone!
I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of blogging.
My little babe loves to nurse all.the.time. so my days consist of cuddles and Netflix-
which I can't complain about!
However, I'm not able to do much else when we're snuggled up so chores, to-do's, everyday life stuff and blogging has been put on hold till we're a little more mobile.
But today I wanted to quickly post about the week before he was born.
The doctors had told us he would likely come early so I quickly started changing my schedule around in case he did arrive earlier than expected, which he did. 
For Valentine's Day I just told Zak that I wanted a girly day-
go to a spa and get my nails done, go shopping and have an acai bowl-
since that's what I was craving at the time, and because they're kinda amazing. 

So I had planned on doing all that the Saturday before V-day, but I had a feeling I needed to hurry it up so during the week I indulged and did just that.
Being so preggo and getting a pedicure was heavenly, let me tell you.

And I totally recommend it to anyone just before they deliver!

I also decided to indulge in some sweet Valentine's Day treats and couldn't help but bake goodies throughout the week to celebrate our favorite holiday.

The weather was also outta this world so I decided to take the bump to the pool and get a little sunshine before baby's debut. 
I was obviously desperate to get some sun if I considered wearing a bathing suit nine months pregnant...!

Throughout that week I also spent some time with my mom, sister, niece and nephew-
we went out to lunch and saw a movie a couple days before my water broke.
It was fun to spend my last preggo days with them.
I remember feeling so full and just ready to pop!
I didn't want him to come on Valentines Day or while Zak was working a 24 hour shift, so I had my mom drive me all around and I refused to walk anywhere lol.
I didn't eat anything spicy, stayed away from pineapple and sat as much as possible to keep from popping!
Haha good thing since I went into labor the next night!
The week leading to his birth, and Valentines Day was the best ever.
I got some last minute time to myself, time with the hubs and time with family before our little guy arrived.
Welp, from here on out my posts will pretty much be all about our little Liam!!!!:)
You guys, he's the cutest thing EVER!
And we're beyond obsessed.
Anywho, I'm caught up on all the posts before his birth.. and now have five weeks worth of blog posts to do that follow his birthday-
so look out for those!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


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