final bumpdate.

Happy Monday!
And happy two weeks of life Liam!
Speaking of my little love, he's currently killing it in his crib {something we've been working on} taking a wonderful morning nap so I'm getting in some bloggin as well as hanging out with my hubby
 because he doesn't have to be at the hospital till noon-
woot woot. 
I have taken over 1,000 pictures in the last week sooooo I have a lot of posts to get to.
I don't want to leave anything out.
But first, I want to back track a little and do a final bumpdate.
I went into labor at 38 weeks and 6 days {pretty much 39 weeks, but yah know hospitals like to be specific}-
and two days before that I laid out by the pool and snapped one last bare belly pic-
which I'm so glad I have now.
I love love loved my baby bump and I'm so grateful to have documented all the different stages of my pregnancy.

I'm also thankful to have had a healthy pregnancy along with a healthy little babe.
And I credit a lot of that to having a fit lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy.
Going to the gym and eating the right foods throughout these nine months-
and listening to my body when I needed rest,
 I think really helped me through labor and delivery.
I was able to workout two days before I went into the hospital and the only reason I didn't go all the way is because I felt like I was going to pop and didn't want him arriving on Valentines Day-
so that weekend I literally tried to move as little as possible lol.
I know all pregnancies and bodies are totally different and some people have it super super rough with complications, illness and fatigue so I'm certainly counting my blessings.
Crossing my fingers my other pregnancies go this smoothly.

All in all I think I gained 33 lbs-
and the only reason I say I think is because I didn't weigh myself before into the hospital so that could be higher for all I know!
Good news is I'm 15 lbs down as of last week-
woot woot!
Thank you breastfeeding and my 7.7 lb baby!
I started going back to the gym at 1 week, just doing light cardio since I can't lift anything until I'm completely healed.
The most food I ever craved was super duper loaded salads, frozen fruit and acai bowls.
I literally had family bring salad and an acai bowl to my hospital room. 
So. Good.
I was really uncomfortable days leading up to my delivery-
I was taking what seemed like a bajillion trips to the ladies room, my stomach was completely full, my ribs hurt like heck and I couldn't sleep much.
The night before my water broke, I remember telling Zak-
"I'm ready to have this baby, I feel like I'm going to pop!"
And sure enough a few hours later I did just that. 
Now onto the really good stuff-
all of my super classy bathroom bump shots!
I compiled them all below and it's kinda cool to see the progression of my belly!

Love this bump so much and it's still hard for me to believe it was Liam in there the whole time,
what an amazing experience. 
Hope you enjoyed all my crazy bumpdates over the past nine months-
don't you worry they'll be back again with my next pregnancy!
Yep, I'm nuts and wanna have another one, like pronto. 

Have an awesome Leap Day!


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