Happy Friday everyone!
I'm kinda in a stellar mood right now because the crib arrived this morning and the guys assembled it for me so it's all set up and done with.
What a huge relief!
And a big check off our list.
Didn't have to install a thing.
Woot woot.
So today I'm 38 weeks and 3 days-
Here's a classy bathroom selfie for yah.

And my doctor is predicting that he's going to arrive early..
so we've been getting everything together just in case he's an early bird.
We even went out an in-case-he-comes-early-lets-go-out-to-eat-one-more-time-just-the-two-of-us dinner at fancy smancy Cafe Rio.

PS we still think Costa Vida is way better.
Anywho, ideally I would like him to stay put until Tuesday-
but who knows!
You can't plan births and just gotta go with the flow.
The most important thing is that he's just healthy and safe.

I haven't been having contractions, however everything else has progressed and my doctor was pretty surprised I was still walking around and going to the gym lol.
It's just such a fun time- knowing the best day of your life is around the corner, but not knowing when it's going to happen is like the best surprise ever.
I'm not nervous at all about labor and delivery, maybe I should be haha?
 I'm honestly just so excited and can't wait to be checked into the maternity ward!
But I can wait until Tuesday that is!
So baby stay put pretty please.
I keep forgetting to weigh myself this week-
but at my appointment they said I hadn't gained so I'm still at about 30lbs up-
and my tummy feels ginormous and full.
Here's some shots of 37 weeks-

I just try and eat little meals throughout the day, because eating out or making something big is just so dang uncomfortable and not worth it.
I've still been loving my salads and frozen fruits-
and somehow staying on track with my fitness routine {an hour a day five times a week}.
My energy is also super high, which I thought I'd crash towards the end-
but I think all the excitement just has me hyper and keeps me going. 
This weekend however my goal is to not leave the house and really just take it easy.
Zak has his 24 hour on call shift at the hospital-
so it's the perfect time for some Netflix marathons, laying out by the pool and just relaxing.

Hope you have an awesome weekend planned and the sweetest Valentines Day ever!
I'll post all about our V-day plans {you know its our fav holiday} on Monday!


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