ps i love you.

I love you so much!
I love that you leave me love notes in the morning
and kiss my forehead each night.
I love that you send me sweet text messages throughout the day
and rub my belly when you come home.
I love that you're my forever movie partner
and are always down to share some popcorn.
I love that you day dream about bringing baby home,
you're already the best dad ever.
I love that even after 7 years we still date each other
and have the best time, just you and I.
I love that we still stroll around Ikea and talk about our "dream house" one day like we did back when we were 18.
I love that you've found your place in medicine 
and have decided {kinda almost pretty much} on a specialty.
I love our family cuddle time and
family walks each night.
I love love love how much you make me laugh.
And I love how in love we keep falling each and every day.
You're my everything and I love you.


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