pregnancy workouts.

Happy humpday!
So I just wanted to post a little bit about my pregnancy workout routines.
I've had a few people ask what I've been doing- so hopefully this helps!
Also before this post,  just wanted to clarify that I was cleared by my doctor to workout while pregnant-
and the most important part is that I never over do it at the gym and listen to my body at all times.
Exercising has been such a saving grace for me and I'm thankful that I've been able to have enough energy to continue my fitness schedule for the past nine months.
I worked out regularly before getting pregnant, and knew that exercising would be a must for me throughout this little journey.

First trimester was really rough for me-
I had zero energy, felt nauseous and would get super weak whenever I worked out.
So my fitness routine slowed way down, and I just tried to go to the gym when I felt strong enough, but took it way easy.
Once I was in my second trimester I felt like a new person haha!
I had my energy back and started committing 5 days a week to the gym.
My goal was just 30 minutes a day in the beginning and I would do light weights on certain days along with cardio mixed in. 

Then, once I was around 18 or 19 weeks I felt totally normal and upped my goal to about an hour in the gym a day.
I would again do a combo of the bike and weights-
I was initially running, but at that point it started feeling super uncomfortable,
so spinning for me worked out much better.
Now in my third trimester, I'm still hitting that goal of at least an hour 5 times a week and I started incorporating the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project videos into my workouts to prep my body for delivery.
I love love love her DVD's and totally recommend them!
They go perfectly with my cardio schedule and big bonus I can do them in my living room.

 Another thing I've started doing is stretching a TON!
It feels amazing on my growing body and it's super relaxing.
My lower back sometimes kills and it's the only thing that will relieve the pressure.
I always heard yoga for pregnant women was really helpful, and boy were they right.
Anywho, hope this was helpful to any preggos out there!
Our bodies are extraordinary and working out is now one of my favorite parts of the day.



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