meeting santa.

So a week before Christmas Zak and I decided to take our niece and nephew out separately to treat them to something fun for the holidays.
Instead of physical gifts, we really wanted to spend time with them doing something fun!
So with my nephew we took him out to dinner and then went to the opening night of Star Wars.
He's a HUGE fan.
And had been telling us about the movie for over a year.
So we loaded up with candy, popcorn and soda {had to have the complete movie experience} and had a blast watching the movie.
Then with my niece we took her outdoor ice skating.
Well Zak took her skating, while I cheered from the sidelines since preggo ladies can't skate.

We figured the rink would be packed with long lines, but it was empty!
Kennedy and Zak got to skate for hours until her poor little toes couldn't take it any longer.

^^ They have the sweetest relationship. Warms my heart!

Afterwards we walked down the street and grabbed some yummy dinner, and then took off in search of Santa.
The city of Mesa put on all these little holidays events for families complete with ice skating, Mr. Clause, food trucks and lots of Christmas lights.
It was super fun and festive- I would totally recommend going next year!
We found Santa, and he was all alone lol so Kennedy got to spend some extra time with him, telling him all about her list and how she was a good girl this year.

Then we had to swing by the food trucks for some dessert of course.
We scored some delicious cookies and hot chocolate!

And then we ended the night looking at all the beautiful Temple lights.

It was breathtaking and so so pretty.
It was such a sweet night.
We absolutely love making memories with these little ones-
they're the reason we moved back to Phoenix!

Anywho, just wanted to post about that night before winter was over lol!
I'm playing a little bit of catch up after the holidays if you couldn't tell.

Have a lovely day!


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