girls, games and getting ready.

How good do those cookies look?!
I could take a few right meow.
Life's been awesome lately-
Family is doing better than ever and it's such a sweet relief when your family members are healthy and happy.
Our focus is on the babe, and we seriously can't wait for him to be here.
Every dream of mine is about the delivery, having him home and meeting him for the first time.
It makes me so giddy!
Anywho, we've been trying to fit in lots of friend time-
Zak's been having some guys nights and I've been having some girls nights in return.
Having supportive people surrounding you is vital, and I'm so thankful for those relationships in our life.

Like these girls ^^ I always leave so inspired, refreshed and motivated after visiting with them!
Quality babes right there.

The weather here has also been beyond gorgeous and it's kinda hard to have a bad day when it's a sunny 70 degrees in February.
The pool is calling my name!

The other night Zak and I decided to have a huge game night-
We set up 6 different games from checkers to pick-up sticks and had a little marathon game session. 
I would totally recommend doing this as a little stay-at-home date night. 
Even though I somehow lost all six games..
I was kinda a sore loser.
He always wins at everything you guys..
But, it was still fun.
We can't wait to introduce baby to games down the line. 

After games we celebrated with some yummy smoothies-
I told yah I've really been into frozen fruit lately and will blend anything up to make a drink!

I especially love them after workouts-
It's kinda like my "good job treat" for going to the gym, and hey I don't feel guilty afterwards.
And plus baby like them a lot too.

 As we've been getting ready for baby's big debut, 
Romie's also been getting ready-
giving the bump lots of lovin.

He's going to make the best big brother.
Anywho, hope you're doing well!


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