flashback friday.

Happy Friday!
The weather here is beyond gorgeous and makes me want to go layout by the pool.
We have some fun stuff planned for tonight, and then lots of chores and to-do lists to conquer this weekend.
Hope you have some fun stuff in the works!
Anyhwo, I was going through my photos and stumbled across my last day at FOX42 News, 
and then realized I never blogged about leaving.
We were so busy with packing and moving, I just completely forgot!
So today I'm doing a little flashback Friday and reminiscing about my time reporting and sharing some photos from my last day.

I loved this station so much, and was truly sad to leave.
The people, the stories, my growth, the creativity and memories were amazing and I'm so thankful to have spent my first two years reporting there.
I learned so much, and completely transformed as a journalist.
And it's all because of the people inside that building.

They had faith in me as a young reporter, gave me a shot and never let me settle.
I was able to report on national stories, work with big time networks, produce investigative stories,  work in tornados as well as snow storms, go live each night and tell some phenomenal stories.

Even through all the stress, deadlines, anxiety, worry and sometimes panic-
it was the best job in the world and I put my heart and sole into it-
prepping, preparing, researching and learning so that I could report on interesting and exciting stories.

The people are who I miss most-
they made coming to work so much fun and I cherish the friendships and mentorships made.
I can't wait to go back and visit on day.
This station taught me so much more than I ever realized, and looking back I'm so thankful to have had my start there.
I'll always be a journalist, and story telling will always be apart of my life.
On the last day, they threw me a little going away party {complete with Skinny Cows!!} and it was such a sweet send-off.

 A huge thank you to my teammates, friends and fellow newsies at FOX42 for teaching me the ropes and giving me such a wonderful experience!
PS if you ever want to look up any of my stories-
just type "that girl on TV" in my search bar and they should pop up!
Hope you enjoy! 


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