dear baby.

We've been day dreaming and talking about your arrival so much lately.
Your birthday is getting really close!
Your parents, and big brother Romie love you so much already-
 it's kinda insane!

We hope you like all the books we've been reading you each night,
we have a good little collection started!
It's kinda your daddy's favorite thing to do, and sometimes you kick when he stars to read-
so hopefully you enjoy it too.

And your little area is almost ready to go and we hope you like rooming with us!
We're pretty sure we have everything you'll need or want, so it should be plenty cozy for yah.

We can't wait to bring you home, have lots of family cuddles, take you for walks in your stroller and introduce you to the rest of your crazy family.
We love you so much!
Keep on cooking along, we'll see you next month baby!

your already obsessed parents. 

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