Happy Tuesday everyone!
I'm officially 34 weeks today!
I know, I've said this the whole time.
But like, in two weeks it'd be normal if I went into delivery.........
like what!?
I feel like I'm on a huge deadline to get everything done.
Please baby stay cooking- your mom and dad need some more time to get ready for your arrival.
For example, your crib hasn't come yet, and I'd really like for that to be all set up and ready by the time you get here.
Other than the crib, we're only missing a few things, but most of it all has been delivered!
We spent the weekend putting together his stroller {we're kinda obsessed with it}, bassinet and figured out the car seat.
It's so surreal getting all this baby stuff in the mail.
We love it.
We've been reading some awesome parenting books and getting lots of fun ideas together, and we also read him a baby book each night, which has been really fun.
I think my faves so far are Dr. Seuss books and the Llama Llama series.
Both are adorable and hilarious!
Anywho, below are some photos from the last 4 weeks!

^^ 30 weeks!

^^32 weeks!

^^ 33 weeks!
My belly's really popping these days!
And growing like crazy.
Oh and PS I try to take it in the same PJ's so I can kinda see the growth better.
So again, don't judge the straight outta bed, tangly hair bathroom selfie.
It just works.
We're getting so anxious for him to be here and I cannot wait to spend the first week of his life just him, Zak and I.
And Romie!
Third Trimester has been going pretty well and for the most part it's just kinda uncomfortable.
I'm still up 26 lbs- I haven't gained anything in about two weeks, but I feel like my tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day.
He loves to hangout in my ribs, which is painful....
and causes my back to hurt.
But yah know, I wouldn't change it for anything.
He's healthy, and that makes me happy.
I'm still getting to the gym 5 times a week and started doing the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project at home and LOVE it.
Totally recommend it to any other preggos out there.
It's perfect because you can do it in your living room, it kicks your butt and it's not only strength training-
but lots of stretching as well, which feels amazing on your growing body.
Plus it's in real time so she knows exactly how you're feeling and its made for the pregnant woman.
She has another DVD for getting your pre-baby body back that I'm totally going to check out.
Ah I can't wait to work out after baby- I have some big goals I wanna reach!
Other than the aches and pains I'm feeling, I occasionally get headaches as well as acid reflux-
so attractive, I know.

I haven't really craved much this entire time {I had food aversions, which sucked}, but last week there were two days where I HAD TO HAVE A SALAD AND FRUIT!
Like not just lettuce.
Like a fully loaded, chicken packed, Pinterest worthy salad with bananas, mangos and strawberries on the side.
The first night I just kinda resisted.
But the second night, I drove to the grocery store and bought a Chipotle style chicken salad and ate an entire container of strawberries in one sitting. 
So yeah, I think that was a craving.
I've been eating it about everyday since and it's been heavenly.
I feel baby kick when I lay down, and it's the sweetest feeling ever.
I'm going to miss this bump.
Haha I've already starting thinking about when we wanna try for a second babe...
I know I'm nuts.
But I already love this mama role so much-
I'm so excited to have a whole bunch of littles running around one day.
I can't really think of too much else to update ya on!
As it gets closer I'll do more and more bumpdates and collages of my belly, because I think it's so cool to see it grow!

Have an awesome day!


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