babymoon part 2.

So the second day of our babymoon in Aspen was very slow and relaxing.
I hadn't been feeling too hot, so most of the morning we spent having breakfast at our hotel and napping.
However, that night we had lots planned!
We ventured to town around dinner time and stumbled across this little pizza place that was super yummy.
Zak ordered a calzone and I had a pizza with avocado, cilantro, onions, chicken and jalapenos-
it was really different, but really good!

Afterwards we walked to the local theatre to take part in the 2015 Aspen Film Academy Screening of Spotlight-
Which was AMAZING!
Made me totally miss working in a newsroom.
We had to walk through a little neighborhood to get to the theatre, and even though it was dark out, it was so peaceful and pretty!
The streets were covered in snow, the trees adorned in Christmas lights and the craftsman houses looked so warm and cozy.

We went to the reception before the movie, which was fun and then grabbed our seats for the screening.
You guys, there's SO many good movies out right now.
Zak and I are trying to catch each and everyone that might be nominated for an Oscar so we can make our predictions for February.
This is kinda our favorite time ever for movies.
Like we've gone to the theatre... 8 times in the last week..!
But anywho, sorry for the tangent-
going to this screening was a blast.
And I just love doing new things with this guy.
He's really the best.

 The following day we did some more exploring around the town.
We found a super cute park and played in the snow for a while-
lol we're such kids.
And the whole time kept saying things like, "can't wait to show baby the snow," and "can't wait to travel with him!"

Then went and walked around the Aspen Art Museum.
We're not huge contemporary art fans, but the exhibit below was really cool.
Each moment someone walked into this room, a moderator would ask you what time it was and your name.
He would then write it on the wall with a Sharpie.
Such a unique and interactive piece of art!

The museum also had a rooftop deck with a pretty amazing view of the slopes.

Afterwards it started to snow big time so we found this place, Little Annies, and had a late lunch. 
I loved the real garland with snow draped perfectly on top-
just like out of a book or something!

The food was SO good!
The salad dressing was to die for you guys.
It's all homemade and I wanted to take it with me.
I couldn't eat it all, so Zak finished my plate and he too said it was amazing. 

Later in the night we got a little hungry so we ordered Mexican take-out and watched a movie.
I think this is kinda the best way to end a night-
chips and salsa in bed!

On Christmas Eve we decided to take a little trip down the mountain.
Our hotel sat kinda half way on top, so we wanted to check out the base village. 

We took a gondola down the mountain, and man were the views just amazing.
The whole time we kept saying "these pictures just don't do it justice!"

It was super cold-
like single digit temps!
So we found a place called the Stew Pot and tried some of the tomato cheddar soup and then ordered food to go for dinner.
That soup was delicious!
We called it an early night, rented another movie and ate Christmas eve dinner in bed.

The next day we headed home and the drive to the airport was gorgeous.
I've never seen so many trees!

Once we got back to Phoenix we caught up with some of our families and had Christmas dinner.
It was a nice ending after a day of travel.
I'm so thankful Zak and I were able to get away for a week-
we really needed this time and it was so relaxing.
I just love being around him, no matter what we're doing.
He's my best friend, soulmate, partner and better half.
I seriously don't know what I'd do without him.
He's my everything.
He makes life so much dang fun and I can't wait to have a little mini him running around soon.
We're both getting so excited and can't wait!
This babymoon was just what we needed- 
and I'd totally recommend any couple expecting a little one to take one before the big day!
There's just one more post of our trip and later in the week I'll also share a little video we made!
Hope you enjoy all the photos!


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