35 weeks and nesting.

Just call me mama bird.. {or bear?} from here on out-
because I'm in the full fledged nesting mode!
I guess it's about time, you know since I'm 35 weeks and he's coming next MONTH!

Like I feel the need to organize, clean, organize, clean and then organize again 24/7.
And not just organizing/cleaning our home-
I literally have on my to-do list "clean out cars" and "clean out computers"
And today I have to iron the drapes..
because it's important they don't have wrinkles when baby arrives.
Haha I'm nuts.
Sometimes I feel like this video represents me..

But instead of company, it's baby.
We've been getting everything together-
the crib should be here any day now and I just love getting out all his tiny clothes.
We finally found a darling vintage dresser for his changing table-
thanks babe for antiquing with me!
It's too stinking cute.
Even though he'll be in our room, I want his little corner to feel as welcome and inviting and adorable {obvi}
as possible.

As soon as it's all done I'll post some photos!
I feel like my bump is getting bigger and bigger each day-
and Zak refers to me as super preg...!

He's a growing boy!
Oh and my belly button is like 75% poking out, which I kinda love a lot. 
So now I'm officially up 28lbs. 
I get full so fast and feel very uncomfortable-
Last night I had cereal for dinner and felt like I had eaten three Thanksgiving meals..
there's no room left in there and I still have a month to go!

And I guess you could say I have the preggo wobble down pat.
However, my energy is still going strong so I'm taking full advantage of it!
My goal is to get everything done in the next couple weeks so when Februaury is here I can kinda slow down, relax and rest before he comes. 

I'm the most nervous about the recovery aspect of this whole thing,
but we took a hospital tour this weekend and I've been stalking up on after care essentials so my nerves are calming,
which is a relief!
Anywho, just a little bumpdate!
Almost a months till he's here-
woot woot!

Have an awesome day!


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