2016 new years resolutions.

Hope your week is going well!
I just wanted to post a little about my resolutions this year-
1. because I like to share everything on here, it's a diary remember?!
and 2. because it also holds me accountable.
Every year I make resolutions.
Like in high school I said goodbye to red meats and 7 years later I'm still holding on strong!
For two years I didn't drink Diet Coke- can you believe that?!
And last year I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself, mentally and physically-
which I totally stuck to!
The gym and eating healthy are just apart of life now. 
Zak and I each make our own resolutions and then make some as a couple as well.
I think it's also good to check in and make some new goals for our marriage.
Nothing crazy, just little things we want to be better at like reading together more, and sitting down to eat dinner.
This year I wanted to keep mine short and sweet.
I really think it's easier to pick specific tangible goals that are realistic, that way you can actually stick to them and cross them off your list at the end of the day.
So here are mine:

1. Wear my retainer every other night! 
Sounds silly, but I used to be so good at wearing it and then a few months ago said "forget this" and just stopped. But I'm back at it again!

2.  Wean off of watching shows before bed. 
I'm a light sleeper and to help me fall asleep I'll watch Netflix.. well now baby is almost here and I'm learning it's not the best habit {Zak told me it's bad sleep hygiene.....} and makes me stay up longer than I should. 
Also since baby will be in our room the first couple months I don't want to have my laptop on blaring the Office while he sleeps lol.. so I'm trying trying trying... to transition to reading instead. This resolution is sadly my toughest one.

3. Stay creative. 
I don't want to let me creative juices dry up!
I want to continue to chase my creative dreams, ventures and side projects.
I want to keep my personal goals going strong and teach baby to chase his dreams as well.
I have so many things I still want to do in life, including being the best mom I can be, and I just want to always remember those goals.
Because, lets be honest.
Life has a tricky little way of getting us side tracked, but this year I want to push my creativeness and keep it thriving!

Haha sorry if these seem kinda lame lol, 
wearing a retainer, not watching Netflix before bed and staying creative.
I live a wild life I tell yah!
What were your resolutions this year?!
Any big ones you wanna tackle?!

Anywho, hope you have a splendid week!


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