2015 recap.

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!
Each year I like to look back and reflect on the past 12 months and think about the good, the bad and the ugly. 
I think it's healthy to find some type of lesson from both good times and bad.
When I initially started this post I was kinda being a negative Nancy and thought to myself well 2015 kinda sucked. 
But then, after compiling lots of photos and looking back through everything we've done it was a pretty good year with some silver-linings and big time blessings.
I was kinda getting emotional {pregnant much?!} looking through them all- especially ones from Omaha.
That place was such a great chapter for us and I was sad to see it end this year.
But, we were excited to move back to Phoenix and it was one of the blessings we received in 2015. 
Looking back it might've been easier to stay in Nebraska, but my mom was going to get sick regardless, so being here and being able to help her was a huge blessing.
Another big blessing was getting pregnant.
It obviously is the best thing that happened to us in 2015 and we're so grateful for this little babe.
Among those blessings were lots of trials, challenges and hurdles that we overcame and grew stronger from, which trying to stay optimistic, were good lessons learned.
Zak and I both were SO ready to close the door on 2015, throw away the key and move onto 2016.
Haha our first week was a bit rocky, but we're determined to stay strong, turn our focus to our new little family and have the best year yet.
And I think with baby coming, it will be truly amazing and a fresh new chapter in our book.
I can't wait!
Anywho, back to 2015..
From the photo above we...

- Had the best Valentines Day ever
- I worked in two huge snow storms
- We took a little trip to San Diego
- And hello to Phoenix
-  Celebrated our second wedding anniversary
- I started going to spin classes again
- Produced and reported an in depth investigation on Puppy Mills in Nebraska
- Celebrated Galentines Day
- Hung out with my niece and nephew a BUNCH!

Looking back February might have been my favorite month last year!

- Found out we were going to be parents!
- And had some fun announcing the big news
- Took a girls trip to Kansas City
- Helped out on Zak's family's farm
- Did a little storm reporting
- Vacationed in San Diego
- Said goodbye to FOX42 News
- Took a road trip from IA to AZ
-Had our last Married to Medicine event
- Had the prettiest Spring ever
- Reported on a hilarious gorilla story- gotta check out the blooper
- Made a trip out to AZ
- Was featured in a Magazine 
- Fell in love a little {a lot} more with my best friend
- Celebrated some mama's to be
- Enjoyed lots of sweet treats and date nights!

- Decorated for Easter
- I  did some fun live shots
- Cuddled lots and lots with Romie
- Zak studied for HOURS
- I did a news story about a donkey rescue 
- Hibernated and baked lots of cookies
- And did lots of things that made me smile 
- Went to some farmers markets and baked lots of pumpkin bread
- Took lots of bump pics and wrote lots of bumpdates 
- Decorated for Halloween
- Took my niece trick-or-treating 
- Had an AMAZING baby shower
- Registered for our baby boy!
- Picked some pumpkins

 - Found out we were moving back to AZ
- Visited Zak's grandma and had the best NYE
- Movie hopped a whole bunch
- Shot a story about a lost kitty
- Celebrated my 25th birthday 
- Started advising for Alpha Phi again

- Found out we're having a BOY
- Went to a blogger bootcamp
- Celebrated Zak's 25th birthday 
- Hosted our first Thanksgiving 
-Saw Wicked for the first time ever
- Did some more bumpdates 
- Had an amazing day long date
- Bought a teeny tiny Christmas tree 

- Celebrated my nieces birthday
- Went antiquing with my mama
- Hung out with my best friend
- Said "I love you" more than ever
- Decorated for Christmas
- Went on some fun festive dates 
- Again, had the best baby shower ever
- Reached my third trimester 
- And celebrated 7 years of love

- Went to our wonderful friends' wedding in California
- Celebrated Independence Day with my pop
- Zak did PHENOMENAL on his big test
-  Had some good girl nights
-  Went on a magical babymoon
- Had our first white Christmas in Aspen
- And took some fun maternity photos in the snow

And above are just some fun family photos we took throughout the holidays.
I love this crazy bunch!

What a whirlwind of a year it's been.
Lots of ups, many downs, huge blessings and challenges faced.
But I wouldn't change it for a second because life's all about lessons and learning how to stay positive through it all.
Zak, Romie, baby and I are all so ready for this new year.
It sounds cliche, but I think it's going to be the best one yet!
I mean, we're having a BABY!
What could be better than that?!
A fresh new chapter in our newlywed diary.
I hope you all had a wonderful year as well!


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