girls, games and getting ready.

How good do those cookies look?!
I could take a few right meow.
Life's been awesome lately-
Family is doing better than ever and it's such a sweet relief when your family members are healthy and happy.
Our focus is on the babe, and we seriously can't wait for him to be here.
Every dream of mine is about the delivery, having him home and meeting him for the first time.
It makes me so giddy!
Anywho, we've been trying to fit in lots of friend time-
Zak's been having some guys nights and I've been having some girls nights in return.
Having supportive people surrounding you is vital, and I'm so thankful for those relationships in our life.

Like these girls ^^ I always leave so inspired, refreshed and motivated after visiting with them!
Quality babes right there.

The weather here has also been beyond gorgeous and it's kinda hard to have a bad day when it's a sunny 70 degrees in February.
The pool is calling my name!

The other night Zak and I decided to have a huge game night-
We set up 6 different games from checkers to pick-up sticks and had a little marathon game session. 
I would totally recommend doing this as a little stay-at-home date night. 
Even though I somehow lost all six games..
I was kinda a sore loser.
He always wins at everything you guys..
But, it was still fun.
We can't wait to introduce baby to games down the line. 

After games we celebrated with some yummy smoothies-
I told yah I've really been into frozen fruit lately and will blend anything up to make a drink!

I especially love them after workouts-
It's kinda like my "good job treat" for going to the gym, and hey I don't feel guilty afterwards.
And plus baby like them a lot too.

 As we've been getting ready for baby's big debut, 
Romie's also been getting ready-
giving the bump lots of lovin.

He's going to make the best big brother.
Anywho, hope you're doing well!


flashback friday.

Happy Friday!
The weather here is beyond gorgeous and makes me want to go layout by the pool.
We have some fun stuff planned for tonight, and then lots of chores and to-do lists to conquer this weekend.
Hope you have some fun stuff in the works!
Anyhwo, I was going through my photos and stumbled across my last day at FOX42 News, 
and then realized I never blogged about leaving.
We were so busy with packing and moving, I just completely forgot!
So today I'm doing a little flashback Friday and reminiscing about my time reporting and sharing some photos from my last day.

I loved this station so much, and was truly sad to leave.
The people, the stories, my growth, the creativity and memories were amazing and I'm so thankful to have spent my first two years reporting there.
I learned so much, and completely transformed as a journalist.
And it's all because of the people inside that building.

They had faith in me as a young reporter, gave me a shot and never let me settle.
I was able to report on national stories, work with big time networks, produce investigative stories,  work in tornados as well as snow storms, go live each night and tell some phenomenal stories.

Even through all the stress, deadlines, anxiety, worry and sometimes panic-
it was the best job in the world and I put my heart and sole into it-
prepping, preparing, researching and learning so that I could report on interesting and exciting stories.

The people are who I miss most-
they made coming to work so much fun and I cherish the friendships and mentorships made.
I can't wait to go back and visit on day.
This station taught me so much more than I ever realized, and looking back I'm so thankful to have had my start there.
I'll always be a journalist, and story telling will always be apart of my life.
On the last day, they threw me a little going away party {complete with Skinny Cows!!} and it was such a sweet send-off.

 A huge thank you to my teammates, friends and fellow newsies at FOX42 for teaching me the ropes and giving me such a wonderful experience!
PS if you ever want to look up any of my stories-
just type "that girl on TV" in my search bar and they should pop up!
Hope you enjoy! 



Happy almost February!
Like how is January gone already?!
Holy moly.
Anywho, wanted to give a quick bumpdate again-
since well, they're about to be done-zo now that I'm 36 weeks!!
Again, holy moly.
Heaven help my nesting-like-crazy-go-go-go-busy-bee-mind.
I have a ba-jillion things still to do on my list..
and I'm a firm believer that they must all be perfectly crossed off before he gets here..
so it's go time.
Anyone else like that when it comes to lists?!
I love crossing those suckers off.
Anywho, my energy is still going strong, surprisingly, and other than looking like a duck when I walk, and a few aches and pains here and there we're doing good.
He still loves my ribs, 
and they often burn like no other, 
but I'm getting used to it so it's all good.
I'm still hitting my fitness goals somehow-
even when I get the funniest stares from people at the gym and lots of "you're about to pop!"statements....
I've been living off fruit-

Literally give me anything that grows from a tree and I'll eat it.
I ate this amazingly wonderful acai bowl in my car by myself yesterday, and it was beyond magical.
Frozen mangos are what I imagine they serve all the time in heaven.
And here are my classy bump pics from the last three weeks below!
Don't judge.

34 weeks ^^

35 weeks ^^
{It's weird how the bump changes b/c I totally think I look bigger in the pic above than below, a weeks later}. 

36 weeks ^^
We went to an appointment this week and my doctor said baby's head is really big...
she took like five minutes measuring it..
so yeah..
I have that to look forward to during delivery.
She also said that he's going to be tall as well..
so who knows how heavy he's about to be. 
But he's healthy and doing great, which is all that matters.
We also are still trying to figure out a name-
I promise family and friends we're not keeping it a secret-
we just can't make up our minds!
Umm other than feeling like a whale and being up 29lbs I'm doing awesome.
And can't wait to meet baby!!

Have a lovely rest of your day!



Zak and I always say it,
but Romie really is the best pup ever. 

He is the most cuddly dog I've ever met, 
and will snuggle all day long.
He's our first child and we love him so stinkin much. 

He's the sweetest little bear in the whole wide world,
and I'm forever thankful we found him on the side of the road almost 4 years ago.

He's the greatest gift,
and I'm so excited for him to meet baby!
He'll make the best big brother, I just know it. 

We love you pookie bear!


dear baby.

We've been day dreaming and talking about your arrival so much lately.
Your birthday is getting really close!
Your parents, and big brother Romie love you so much already-
 it's kinda insane!

We hope you like all the books we've been reading you each night,
we have a good little collection started!
It's kinda your daddy's favorite thing to do, and sometimes you kick when he stars to read-
so hopefully you enjoy it too.

And your little area is almost ready to go and we hope you like rooming with us!
We're pretty sure we have everything you'll need or want, so it should be plenty cozy for yah.

We can't wait to bring you home, have lots of family cuddles, take you for walks in your stroller and introduce you to the rest of your crazy family.
We love you so much!
Keep on cooking along, we'll see you next month baby!

your already obsessed parents. 

ps i love you.

I love you so much!
I love that you leave me love notes in the morning
and kiss my forehead each night.
I love that you send me sweet text messages throughout the day
and rub my belly when you come home.
I love that you're my forever movie partner
and are always down to share some popcorn.
I love that you day dream about bringing baby home,
you're already the best dad ever.
I love that even after 7 years we still date each other
and have the best time, just you and I.
I love that we still stroll around Ikea and talk about our "dream house" one day like we did back when we were 18.
I love that you've found your place in medicine 
and have decided {kinda almost pretty much} on a specialty.
I love our family cuddle time and
family walks each night.
I love love love how much you make me laugh.
And I love how in love we keep falling each and every day.
You're my everything and I love you.


life lately.

Hope your day is going swell!
Just wanted to do a little "life according to my iPhone" post, since a lot has happened over the past few weeks.
Sorry in advance for the picture overload.
I found a few gems from Aspen on my phone and totally wanted to share them. 

We went and toured all the fancy smancy hotels and let me tell you,
the bathrooms were darling!
I could've lived in them. 
That wallpaper on the left was to die for.
Looking at these pictures makes me miss our little getaway so much.

We spent New Years Eve with some sweet friends.
Dinner, games and sparklers-
does it get much better than that?
Thanks Blackwells for having us over to your beautiful new home!

You guys,
for Christmas I got a Nume curling iron and I'm obsessed.

I pretty much curl it every chance I get. 
It's my new do. 

Okay there's a lot more pics in the most if yah wanna check them out-
just click below!

pregnancy workouts.

Happy humpday!
So I just wanted to post a little bit about my pregnancy workout routines.
I've had a few people ask what I've been doing- so hopefully this helps!
Also before this post,  just wanted to clarify that I was cleared by my doctor to workout while pregnant-
and the most important part is that I never over do it at the gym and listen to my body at all times.
Exercising has been such a saving grace for me and I'm thankful that I've been able to have enough energy to continue my fitness schedule for the past nine months.
I worked out regularly before getting pregnant, and knew that exercising would be a must for me throughout this little journey.

First trimester was really rough for me-
I had zero energy, felt nauseous and would get super weak whenever I worked out.
So my fitness routine slowed way down, and I just tried to go to the gym when I felt strong enough, but took it way easy.
Once I was in my second trimester I felt like a new person haha!
I had my energy back and started committing 5 days a week to the gym.
My goal was just 30 minutes a day in the beginning and I would do light weights on certain days along with cardio mixed in. 

Then, once I was around 18 or 19 weeks I felt totally normal and upped my goal to about an hour in the gym a day.
I would again do a combo of the bike and weights-
I was initially running, but at that point it started feeling super uncomfortable,
so spinning for me worked out much better.
Now in my third trimester, I'm still hitting that goal of at least an hour 5 times a week and I started incorporating the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project videos into my workouts to prep my body for delivery.
I love love love her DVD's and totally recommend them!
They go perfectly with my cardio schedule and big bonus I can do them in my living room.

 Another thing I've started doing is stretching a TON!
It feels amazing on my growing body and it's super relaxing.
My lower back sometimes kills and it's the only thing that will relieve the pressure.
I always heard yoga for pregnant women was really helpful, and boy were they right.
Anywho, hope this was helpful to any preggos out there!
Our bodies are extraordinary and working out is now one of my favorite parts of the day.