third trimester, nesting and board games.

Happy hump day people!
I'm counting down the days till Saturday because guess what,
it's my BABY SHOWER!!
I cannot wait.
You know I'll be sharing like a million pics from it and all the fun details ASAP-
so watch out for that. 
It's going to be a really pretty winter themed dinner party more than a baby shower and I again-
This long weekend was a really relaxing good one.
It's funny how having a baby makes you clean out every cupboard, nook and cranny in your house, unpack and re-pack any boxes in storage, organize all your documents/finances and check off any other daunting tasks you've been avoiding for a while!
I guess that's why they call it nesting.
Prepping your home for that little bundle of joy.
Zak and I just want to make sure we don't have any of those big fat "life to-dos" hanging over us before baby comes.
Just want to be as organized as possible.
Which means nesting, nesting and more nesting.
We broke up cleaning with some new board games-
have you ever tried backgammon?
We learned it this weekend, and it's a lot of fun!
We want to have lots of family fame nights with our little so we're testing out all the games we can. 

Along with picking out our Christmas tree!
We always go with a real one and I love the way it makes our home smell.
Can't wait to decorate her!

We also took lots of little naps and stayed in our PJ's maybe a little too long.

Holy moly.
I turned 28 weeks yesterday!

^^ these two pics are actually 27 weeks.
But the ones below are from this morning!
I'm in the last stretch. 
It's the third trimester and things are still going really well.
Minus my back/tummy/shoulder/nose pains hahah.
And I'm now 20 lbs up!

I've had a few new symptoms pop up lately and they've been quite a pill to deal with.
But- I'm not complaining. 
I know some women have it really really tough during pregnancy and these little funks are nothing in comparison.
Welp- just wanted to do a mid week check in!
Hope your Wednesday is a good one!


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