life lately.

Hi guys!
Just wanted to do a quick update about what's been going on around here lately.
With Christmas next week {what?!?!} I feel like the days are being mushed together and I don't want to forget about the little things we've been up to-
since this is kinda my diary and all.
Like today I'm 30 weeks!! 

Like we're in the home stretch people-
only about two months left to go!
I'm up 22 lbs- I've gained two in just the last week and expect to gain much more during my last trimester.
Baby's about 2.5 lb.'s and the size of a platypus or cantaloupe lol.
He's moving a ton and we get to see him today at our doctor's apt, 
which I'm super excited for!
I've been a little more tired lately, but still making it a point to get to the gym 5 days a week.
I'm not craving anything..
I mean all food is pretty good. 
And I was finally able to make some eggs without gagging,
 so that's a plus!
Sleeping is getting a little uncomfortable and I'd say overall my body is just super achy and sore-
it's kinda weird cuz it's mostly just the right side of my body that hurts and that's where he loves to be-
nestled under my ribs.
Other than the little pains, it's going really well knock on wood!
These two pics below are from last week at 29 weeks!

Please ignore my lovely PJ's, crazy hair and leftover mascara.
I take these like, immediately after waking up.
Zak finishes his semester on Thursday-
woot woot!
Only three more to go-
that is really crazy.
But anywho we're going to spend a couple days in Gilbert hanging out with family aka seeing the new Star Wars movie- my nephew is a super fan and we can't wait to take him!
And then we're going to take my niece outdoor ice skating, since we live in AZ and that's as "white Christmas" as you can get!
Then we head off on our BABYMOON!
I. Can't. Wait.
So yeah, the next five days are kinda jammed packed-
but it's a good kinda packed filled with holiday activities, gift giving, family, friends and vacation. 
Oh and I'm attempting to bake 20 loaves of pumpkin bread to hand out this season..
wish me luck!

I'm pretty sure I bought out all of the remaining pumpkin from Walmart lol.
The checkout lady thought I was nuts.
And she's kinda right.

This past weekend we hung out with family and went to see a boat parade in Tempe-
it was really fun and Zak and I even thought we'd be cool city kids and took the light rail down there.
We just pretended it was a subway in NYC, cuz you know downtown Phoenix and Manhattan are comparable. 
I love this time of year because there's so much to do and you're with family like so much more.
It's really sweet. 
And now I'm going to end this post with two cuddly photos of Romie and I.
I love this little bear so much and am going to miss him like crazy while we're on vacation.

Oh and PS we finally have our apartment all decked out in holiday cheer so I can't wait to show you all!
Have an awesome day!


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