holiday home tour.

Hi everyone!
We're currently at the airport waiting for our babymoon flight {YAY!} so I figured I'd do a little blogging in the meantime. 
We've been getting into the holiday spirit big time around here.
From baking cookies {and those twenty loaves of pumpkin bread I mentioned earlier..!!}, sipping hot coco, visiting Santa and ice skating we've been trying to do as much as possible to soak in this wonderful holiday time.

We won't be spending Christmas in Arizona, but we still wanted to make our apartment as festive and cozy as possible,
 so I thought I'd share some photos of our Christmas decor today.

One perk of having a tiny little apartment gives us the easy ability to make it look like Santas workshop lol and we sure do go all out. 
I so wish we could just leave it up all year long..!

I also love our tiny little Christmas tree lol-
we always get a real one and I love the tradition.
It's so much fun going and picking it out and we're kinda obsessed with the smell of pine. 
I can't wait to have baby with us next year when we get one!
We've also started collecting ornaments from places we visit, which makes hanging them really sweet.
They're total conversation starters fun little keepsakes.

You can get a little glimpse of the $45 farm table we found on Craigslist below!
Such a steal.
We're not completely finished with it yet, but it's coming along nicely!

This post has tons of photos so if you wanna see the rest, just click below!

I love incorporating all of my little knickknacks into each holiday.
I try and make all my cake stands, trays, silver pieces and candles work for each season.
It's always fun to see how creative I can get with them!
Items like that are so versatile and using them will save lots of money on decor.
 Which, is always a plus.

I decided to turn my traditional bar cart into a cookie cart, and I'm realllllllly contemplating keeping it that way.
It's kinda a dream come true for me.
I. love. cookies.

And I had to leave some cookies out on the counter for Zak..
I mean Santa.

And thank you Target, for the cutest baking goods!

That kinda sums up our little place!
It's homey, cozy and super festive.
Just how we like it!
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas week-
it's the most wonderful time of the year!
Sorry I had to.
Anywho, we're about to take off for our babymoon and our first white Christmas EVER!
You can check out my Instagram for all our fun photos and I'll be sure to share our trip on here when we get back!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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