thanksgiving decor.

Hey everyone!
I also wanted to include a short little post about my Thanksgiving decorations.
I have the least {and when I say least I mean like nothing} decor for this holiday and was struggling to make our little place festive, without spending a bunch of money.
So, I made sure our Halloween pumpkins lasted till the end of November, took out all my nice wedding china {even if if didn't match}, made some fun placemats using simple paper, folded the napkins fancy like and waalaa-
it came together!

Do you like our mismatched chairs?! Still working on finding some to go with our table. 
 For the other parts of our home, I just sprinkled pumpkins throughout, lit a bunch of candles, re-used some wedding decor and made it work!

 You can check out my full Thanksgiving post here, to see how it looked with all the turkey trimmings!
Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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