happy halloween.

Happy Halloween ya ghouls!
Soo yeah. 
I had a little trouble with my skeleton makeup this year.
I looked like a scarecrow, a crazy person, the joker..
and the list could go on and on hahah!
Not to mention, the makeup was so uncomfortable.
I was over it as soon as I put it on..
And quickly washed it off before we went trick-or-treating with my niece.
I opted for a witch hat, and in 30 seconds my costume was complete. 
I'll be better next year, I promise.
Anywho, back up a few hours.
We started the day with a pumpkin carving contest.
I wasn't feeling too hot, so Zak and Kennedy got to work carving away!

Zak carved a witch in a cauldron-
pretty dang good, I have to admit.

And on one side of Kennedy's pumpkin she carved a classic jack-o-lantern face, and on the other she wrote "Mrs. Williams," who is a past teacher of hers who recently passed away from cancer.
Bless her little heart.
She did this all by herself and didn't tell us what she was carving till the end.
Kids have the kindest souls. 

This is the one pic I took with my makeup..
jeez Louise I can't do makeup to save my life.
Kennedy dressed as Hermione-
crazy hair and all!

We headed to my sister's neighborhood to do some trick-or-treating-
and let me tell you..
her community is SO CUTE!
All the houses have front porches and stoops, and everyone goes all out!
I'm talking haunted houses, photos booths, carmel apple stations-
the works.
We'll totally be back next year.
It was darling!
I was bummed because it was really hard to take pics of everything in the dark,
but I managed a few good ones.

My pop came with us, and it was SO nice having both my parents with there.
Everyone's schedules are super busy these days, and my mom is finally feeling better so it was the biggest treat to have both of them around.
It really meant the world.

See how cute is this photo booth neighbors set up for everyone?!
I hope you had a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!


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