hallows eve.

Happy Hallows Eve!
I know, it's not technically Halloween yet-
but I wanted to do a little recap of our holiday and share some photos with yah!
We started off the weekend baking some more pumpkin bread and visiting a little farm {literally steps from our door} that had it's very own pumpkin patch.
^^ Isn't it just the cutest?!
Who would've known there'd be a pumpkin patch in the heart of downtown Phoenix?!

Mmm I could totally eat this right meow.
On hallows eve the pumpkin patch held a big community dinner so my mom, Zak and I walked over thinking we'd buy some food and pumpkins and were so surprised when we learned that the entire thing was FREE!
Like free dinner, dessert, drinks and all the pumpkins your heart desired!
We were shocked.
The farmers wanted to just give back to the neighborhood and bring everyone together.
How awesome is that?!
I love nice people. 
We had the best time pigging out, listening to the live band, getting a little tour of the farm and then hoarding as many pumpkins as we could carry.

Aren't they gorgeous?!
They had all kinds- white, orange, green, peach!
Perfect for the holidays!

We were stuffing our purses and trying to take home as many as possible-
and then remembered we walked haha sooo it ended up being a good workout as well!

^^ Our loot!
The food was delicious as well!
I don't eat red meat, but Zak and my mom said the hot dogs were amazing.
They sure do look good.

After dinner we hitched a ride in a Rhino and took a little tour of the farm.
They're going to start growing roses, have a cactus garden, more pumpkins throughout Thanksgiving and they had all the traditional crops like lettuce and broccoli. 

I just love the different types of pumpkins they have growing- 
perfect for Thanksgiving!

And this photo was to please my mom-
she wanted a "bump" pic in my super classy sweats.
It was a really good night.
This is the healthiest and happiest I've seen my mom in a really really long time,
which makes my heart happy.
And I'm so glad we got to make these memories together.

Hope you had festive hallows eve!


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