Happy FriYAY!
So lame, but whatevs.
It's the weekend, which means I get to spend some more time with the hubs.
And that's my favorite thing ever.
Thanksgiving is next week,
and this year my goal is to learn how to make the whole shambam-
yep that's right!
From the turkey, to the mashed potatoes and the delicious stuffing-
 I'm having my mom teach me all her tips and tricks so that I can host my own Thanksgiving dinner one day.

I'm like really excited you guys, can't you tell by my cheesy smile?!
And I'm not even a big cook. 
So that says a lot.
We also snagged an amazing farm table on Craigslist and it'll be making it's debut come turkey day-
I can't wait put all my dishes and vintage finds on that bad boy!
You know I'll totally post pics afterwards.
We're re-doing it completely, Zak has been putting his wood working skills to the test and giving it a much needed face lift.
My hope is that it looks like something you'd see in Fixer Upper!
Anyone else OBSESSED with that show!?
It's my all time fav.
I just wanna move to Waco Texas and have Chip and Jo renovate a little farm house for us.
Wouldn't that be amazing.
But until then haha I'm just using all their beautiful projects as inspiration in our home.

My mom and I went antiquing last week and I am LOVING all the pretty Christmas decor that's out and about now.
Aren't those pics just to die for?!
Don't you wish we could just celebrate Christmas all year long?!
Zak and I are being really good, trying not to hang up any decor until after Thanksgiving-
and boy is it hard.
My baby shower is also going to be winter themed so anytime I'm at a home store I have to fight double the urge to buy everything whimsy.
I hope you have a great weekend!
Here's a pic of me and my mom's cute dog Jack,
he just cracks me up!


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