dogs, dancing and baby.

Good Morning!
Sorry I haven't posted anything in about couple weeks-
my iPhoto library disappeared and after a minor panic attack, multiple phone calls with Apple Support and 10 hours of backing up my computer..
all two years worth of photos were recovered, 
woot woot!
So now I'm getting caught up on editing and will be bloggin lots very soon.
things are starting to slow down and turn around here, which is a huge blessing.
We got my mom moved into a new place that will really help with her health and hopefully give her the kickstart she needs to get better.
Zak's on his psychiatry rotation, and man are the hours NICE!
He's home by noon each day- 
yep NOON!!!
That's been another big blessing for us.
Just having him around more, with everything that's been going, on is a huge help.
Especially when I'm getting a little overwhelmed with stuff and does sweet things like takes my hand and puts on our wedding song and slow dances with me in the kitchen-
Moments like that, make my heart burst.
I love him so much it hurts. 

We've been able to focus on our little babe, and get things ready for his debut!
Okay, we still have like a forever long to-do list, but we're done registering for the shower!
Haha and finally bought him some little clothes.
Along with Christmas decorations..
see above photo. 
We're so prepared.

We spend all day Friday going from a huge baby sale, a little pit stop for smoothies, Target, a yummy lunch date, and then Buy Buy Baby to get all of our registering done.
It was the best day.
Just us two.
Focusing on us stuff.
No phones, no craziness-
just him and I in our own little world. 
Those kinda days are rare, but my favorite!
And well needed.
And long overdue.

Our babe is a growin!
These pics are from weeks 23 and 24-
I'm really starting to pop!
And I love it.
Today I'm actually 25 weeks!
Some consider that third trimester, which is nuts.
My pregnancy has flown by!
According to my phone app he's the size of a cabbage or prairie dog...
So yeah he's getting big!
We have a doctors appointment tomorrow, and I can't wait to see him on the ultrasound!
He's kicking a ton, so I'm sure he's going to be super squirmy like always.

We also got to see lots of family this past week.
We had the best surprise visit from Zak's grandma and great aunt who live in Illinois-
we would visit them a lot when we lived in Omaha,
{click here, here and here to see those posts}
so when we saw them at his dad's house for brunch, Zak and I both teared up because it was the biggest and sweetest surprise ever.
We've been going through some tough stuff lately, so having them show up and surprise all of us was such a nice gift.
I didn't even snap any photos because we were just in shock the whole time, and visiting non stop.
Oh and on top of our already crazy life..
Zak and I rescued three dogs in the past week.
We successfully found all three owners, and were able to return the pups home-
but come on people, take care of your pets!
Neuter/spade them, don't leave gates open and hello dogs will escape through holes in fences.
These owners are going to make me go into labor early, I tell yah.
I'm a magnet for stray/lost animals and it stresses me out that people can't keep an eye on them and properly care for them.
Okay, my rant is over.
I'm just glad Dexter, Fred and Rocco were able to make it safely back home. 
Just be nice to animals and take good care of them, okay?!
that's kinda a recap of the past week.
Check back here soon, for all of our Halloween festivities!


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