bumps, cuddles and best friends.

That's a pretty exciting blog title huh?!
I thought so too. 
Just wanted to give a little ole life update before the Thanksgiving craziness commends. 
Only three more days till the turkey tango, and I can't wait!
I got all my shopping done last week so I don't have to go out into the madness, the turkey is already defrosting and our new harvest table is in its finishing stage-
getting ready for her big Thanksgiving debut!
Anywho, this weekend was a good one, spent with lots of family and friends. 
ate at a buffet
saw all of our siblings
went to some lovely vintage pop-up shops 
played a few games
cuddled lots
celebrated our niece's birthday
planned out more baby shower details 
sanded, stained and painted our table
ate at Qdoba, our old Omaha stomping ground
and took a sexy date night to Wal Mart.

^^ do you see Zak's plate of crab legs! Man I wish I could eat seafood. 

^^ I could have bought EVERYTHING! 
The older, most worn out and scratched up item, the better. 
I love antique shops so much.
Especially during the holidays. 

Here's my classy-bare-belly-bathroom-bump-selfie for the last two weeks!
This is week 25 and 26- even though I think I look bigger on the left lol.
I'm up 19 big ones, will be 27 weeks tomorrow and the babe is about two pounds!
And kicks like CRAZY. 
Only three more months to go, which is nuts to think about.
Pregnancy is flying by and we can't wait to have baby home with us. 
However, I am going to miss my bump a lot.
It's really the best thing ever. 

I love this photo because..
1. you get to see my favorite sweatshirt I stole from Zakary years ago that I wear daily in the winter.
and 2. you get to see how we do family cuddle time. 
Romie always works his way in the middle.
This weekend Zak and I felt like we just needed to get out of the house for a little bit,
so we climbed in the car and went to run some errands.
And you guys it ended up being like the best afternoon ever.
No one can make me laugh, make me enjoy Wal Mart or make me have fun going to two different dollar stores like he can.
More than husband and wife, we're best friends first and always will be. 
We met almost 7 years ago this week and instantly became inseparable.
And nothing has changed since. 
He makes doing crappy life stuff adventurous and fun and keeps me laughing the entire time.
He also likes looking at all the Christmas decorations too, which is the 1298437850290475 reason I married him. 
I love him so dang much it hurts. 
Okay sorry for the gushiness.
Some days are just really really good days. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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