romie randoms.

Happy Friday everyone!
Have any exciting plans for the weekend?!
Zak has a huge test coming up, which means I'm on my own!
So I'm grabbing brunch with my best friend, going shopping at the Outlets and making our Halloween costumes!
Lots of fun stuff in to look forward to.
It's been crazy town around here, so a little retail therapy and girl time will certainly help me out.
Next week I'm going to post all our fun Halloween decor and little home tour, along with a fun fall bucket list we made this season- so look out for that!
I seriously just love this time of year.
It's really the best.
Now, I just want the crisp cool air to be here, and we'll be good to go!
Because for some reason it still hit 102 this week...!
Oh and I think Zak and I have a baby moon location picked, which is also super exciting!
So random, but had to mention that. 
I found these random pics of Romie and I-
and had to share.

He's just the sweetest bear in the whole wide world and he makes Zak and I so happy. 
Pets are the best people.
I can't wait for him to meet baby, he's going to make the best big brother. 
Welp, hope you have a lovely Friday-


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