pumpkin bread, farmers markets and family.

Hi everyone!
Hope your week is going well.
The last 5 days have been such good ones for me.
My mom's been really sick and we've been going through quite a trial for about the last 6 months-
and finally things are going in the right direction.
My mom's been staying with us for a little and it's been amazing.
She's doing much better, and I feel like I have my mom back, which is the best feeling in the world.
She's been through so much, and just to be able to hangout with her and laugh and do stuff that we used to do all the time, has been the biggest blessing.
I often get asked what I'm doing career wise right now, and this is what I've been doing-
taking care of my family.
I think this is exactly where the Lord wants me to be right now, and I'm so thankful that I have this time to help my mom.
I do have lots of exciting projects that I'm working on, and a plan as to what I want to do with my career-
but right now my focus is family.
And I couldn't be happier helping my loved ones.
And spending quality time with them as well.

Since the weather has cooled down we went to our neighborhood farmers market this past weekend for some breakfast. 
It was really yummy and nice to just sit and the shade and feel the cool air for once!

While we were hanging out a guy randomly started playing a Creedence Clearwater song {my mom's favorite band}, and it was just like another little sign, that this is exactly where we're supposed to be right now.

I also busted out my baking pans and whipped up some pumpkin bread!
It's a family recipe that's to die for!
And a favorite to make around the holidays.
I love how our home smells after baking-
it's pumpkin heaven!

And yesterday my mom and I went and handed out some loaves to homeless people in our area.
It's absolutely heartbreaking to see people in need living on the streets, so we try and do as much as we can for them, like giving them homemade warm bread for the holidays.
Afterwards we came home and made four more loaves, and now it's our goal to keep baking and passing them out each week.

Oh and PS that's two things crossed off our Fall Bucket List!
Woot woot.

Having the pups around during all this craziness has been really nice as well.
They love each other so much, and play all. the. time.
Which is good for Romie, since the vet told us he has to lose some weight!

Oh and one last random thing I'm going to add to this kind of random post-
Zak and I went on a little mini date friday night to one of my all time favorite places-
Pita Jungle.
Their hummus is out of this world.
It was really nice to get out of the house, just him and I and hangout for a little bit.
I love him more than he'll ever know-
he's such a patient, kind, understanding and vital part of our family.
We joke all the time, but he's really our psychiatrist.
And the rock of the family.
Thanks babe for all you do!
Oh and through all this crazy stuff he's still been KILLING it at school!
He makes me so stinkin proud.

Oh and PS-
I can't thank our family and friends enough for all the sweet words, prayers, kindness, understanding and help during this time.
It truly means the world to not only me, but my mom as well. 
Have a lovely day!


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