on the farm.

Happy Friday everyone!
This week my family and I went to a place called Schnepf Farms, 
it's an awesome ranch that has a pumpkin patch, corn maze, pig races, all the food you could imagine, rides, shops and a petting zoo-
just to name a few of the attractions.
It's a super popular AZ place to visit, and was on our Fall Bucket List

We hit up all the rides with the kiddos-
well not all of us. 
I opted to take pics, just to play it safe since I have a bun in the oven. 

I did however go on a little race course with Zak, Kai and my mother-in-law and we were dying laughing because the boys had to peddle us up and down hills and we were going nowhere.
The staff members kept having to help push us around the course, and I couldn't breath we were laughing so hard.

^^ please notice Zak's face. Hahaha. ^^

We watched the cutest little piggies race, and Kennedy was chosen to be a "pig leader."
Her little guy didn't win, but she still had a blast cheering him on from the sidelines.

We made a little stop at the petting zoo-
I love love love looking at all the animals.
I can't wait to bring baby back next year and show him all the critters.
And last but not least, we picked some pumpkins!

It was a good day.

Funny story behind my outfit. 
I showed up with a little fall dress, leggings and boots-
and as soon as we walked into the place I started freaking out and getting SO HOT.
I blame pregnancy because there were plenty of other people wearing jeans and sweaters.
Well before we even sat down at the first attraction, 
Zak and I were making our way back out to the car because I remembered I had some gym clothes in the trunk and HAD TO CHANGE.
So, I looked like I just went running.
And didn't give two craps about it.
When you're preggo and hot-
cute outfits don't matter lol.
Just wanted to throw that declaimer out there.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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