i swallowed a pumpkin.

AKA this is a bumpdate post.
And warning: bare belly classy bathroom selfies are present in this post. 
Over the like last 3/4 weeks I've gained 10 lbs-
and I feel like each week the scale just keeps creeping up more and more ha!
I'm now 23 weeks and up 17 big ones.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love love love my bump!
And the fact that I'm showing more and more makes me really happy.
It's so much fun wearing clothes that show it off and getting little "awe you're pregnant!" comments from strangers.
He's our little pumpkin and we love him so freaking much.

Our bodies are so amazing and I still can't believe I have a little babe inside my belly.
He's kicking a lot lately, which has been a really cool thing to experience.
And Zak has been able to feel him as well, which is so sweet:)
As far as symptoms go-
I've had more back pain, which makes me have the ultimate preggo waddle when I walk lol, I get hot like super super fast, I also get tired a little easier {but nothing like first trimester} it's more like around 8:00 I'm donzo.
Oh and my sleep pattern is funky!
I go to bed at said time, wake up at 11, convince myself to fall back asleep then wake up around 4, convince myself again to go back to sleep and then I'm up around 7. 

Babe is the size of a bunch of grapes lol- 
the app I use cracks me up sometimes with the fruit they come up with for baby's size, and he's just a little less than 1 pound.
I continue to drink water like crazy and I lather up with all kinds of coco butter in the morning and night!
No particular cravings-
I mean, I could eat Subway for every meal, but I was like that before so I don't know if that counts?
My favorite meal is a 6 inch wheat sub, no meat, a little shredded cheese, toasted, lots of spinach, onions, oil, vinegar and salt and pepper!
Best. Sandwich. Ever.
Add a cup of their broccoli cheddar soup and I'm in heaven. 
So maybe this is a craving?
Lol. I don't know. 
I always thought cravings were like crazy odd stuff like chocolate covered pickles or something?!

I'm still working out 5 times a week- and I think it's totally helping my body adjust to all the crazy changes so I'm hoping to continue up until his due date-
haha fingers crossed!

Have an awesome day!!


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