haunted home tour.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again-
the Hambschs take holidays very seriously.
And Halloween is no exception!

So today I wanted to give you a little tour of our HAUNTED home-
it's pretty SPOOK-tacular if I do say so myself.
I love love love styling my home, so when fall rolls around Zak and I always make it a point to go find a new fun piece to showcase in our place and then we get to work transforming our wittle apartment.
It's really the best.
And it's become a tradition for us to put on some Monster Mash tunes, watch a BAT-tastic Halloween film, bust out the spider webs and get to work be-WITCHING our home. 
Something I can't wait to do with our little pumpkin who's on his way.

I really just love a pumpkin on a cake stand.
And then a crow to boot is like the cherry on top. 

Details, details details.
These bat straws will always have a place in my heart.
I snagged those puppies up as soon as I saw them on the shelf.

This WICKED bowl holds all of our sweets for trick-or-treaters.
One of my favorite pieces we have.
I get really excited thinking about showing our HAUNT-ingly fun
decorations to all our kiddos someday.

The fat rat in the cage is always a fun one to get out.
I usually like to hang him up, but this year he seemed fit on the ground.
Oh and my trusty ole chalkboard sign never disappoints.
I can always throw some type of garland or lights around it and waalaa..
it's SPELL-binding. 

Spider webs, spider webs, spider webs.
You can never have enough creepy crawly spider webs.

Same thing applies to baby pumpkins!
I could fill every shelf of our book case with those cutie pies.

And you gotta have some bats.
It's. A. Must.
And totally the GHOUL-cool thing to have hanging on your walls these days.
But save yourself some time, and just go buy them for 3 bucks at le Target.
You're welcome.

Another fun thing about Halloween decorations is that anything distressed totally makes your house look TERROR- ific in all the right ways.
Especially when you add some skulls and black roses. 

I love finding little accent pieces like these poison bottles.
Again it's all about the details and talking pieces. 

Did I mention details?!
Do you notice anything FRIGHT-full about this wedding photo of ours?

In our entryway I opted for a little more fall fun rather than haunted mansion so I can keep it like this in November.
Less work, the better I say.

Oh and you can't forget about a little spider infestation!
What's more creepy than a pack of buggers crawling up your walls?!

And here you can kinda get a glimpse of our entire living area.
Remember I mentioned we have a wittle place.
And though it might be tiny, it's fully festive-
and this soon-to-be MUMMY loves it oh so much.

Thanks for checking out our 
BOO-tiful home 
and I WHICH you MONSTER-ously 
super-NATURAL day!


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