it's october.

Happy October!!!
Like who doesn't LOVE October?!
It's one of the best months.
Even in Arizona, when it's still 100 degrees out..
but lets just ignore that detail.
I just pretend I'm in Omaha again where the weather would start to get crisp, the leaves would start changing to vibrant reds and you could see rolling hills filled with pumpkin patches everywhere you looked!
Don't get me wrong, Phoenix in the fall is pretty too- last year I just experienced my first seasonal change and it was breathtaking!
I'm going to post our fall bucket list soon, so watch out for that!
You know Zak and I just eat up the holidays, especially Halloween.
You can see it in this this and this post.
We're those people who decorate a month early, and turn our entire home into a haunted mansion, not just like the living room mantle.
I posted a little teaser pic at the top of the post, and I'll share more decor photos with yah throughout the month and tell you how I scored most of our decor for only a buck each!
That's right.
I'm all about finding those deals!
And you know I love styling. 
Last night I stayed up way too late scrolling through Pinterest looking for some fun pumpkin recipes-
because you can't go through October without any pumpkin products in your life, especially in your belly!
My family has a secret pumpkin bread recipe we make each year, but I wanna try either some muffins or cookies this season too!
So if you have any awesome pumpkins recipes- help a sista out and send em' my way.

Doesn't your heart just get all giddy when you see a pile of pumpkins stacked at the grocery store!
It's almost impossible not to take some home with you.
The colors, scares, sizes and shapes just draw me in and it's like looking at puppies in the window-
I wanna take them all!
We have a few pumpkin patch dates planned this month and
 I. Cannot. Wait. 

I also kicked off the spooky holiday season by seeing the broadway play Wicked.
And man oh man it was just as good as everyone said it'd be!
I've been jamming "Popular" and singing "Defying Gravity" for the last two days..
and I don't feel like stopping anytime soon. 
Zak, Romie and baby are such troopers. 
I loved this production so much.
It was the perfect way to kick off October!

I hope you all are have a SPOOK-tacular day!


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