Sooo the past week has been a blur.
We've had a lot going on with our families, 
including some emergencies to attend. 
But the good news is, everyone is on the mend, we're where we should be and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is pretty dang awesome at this point. 
With all the crazy going on, I kinda wanted to make a little list of the things I'm grateful for right now.

- I'm grateful that Zak and I got some alone time this weekend and were able to sneak in a dinner date to Red Robin, Barnes and Noble and dessert- it was perfect. Very needed, very appreciated and we both said we wished the day would last forever.
I love when we can be in our own little world, and kinda shut everything else out for a few hours. 
- I'm very grateful we got those hours together.
- I'm grateful for this crazy little pup, he's the best playmate for Romie.

- I'm grateful for medical staff who help our loved ones in need.
- I'm grateful for a healthy little babe in my tummy.
- I'm grateful that Zak has been able to make it to each and every doctors appointment with me.
- I'm grateful that my family can laugh things off and come together during hard times.
- I'm grateful for Dilly Deli dates with my pop. And their bomb dot com turkey sammies and bread bowls with soup.
- I'm grateful for pookie bear. He has the sweetest soul. 

- I'm grateful for fall, and the change of season.
- I'm grateful for Halloween decorations, because they make our house so much more fun.
- I'm grateful for pumpkin candles.
- I'm grateful for date nights. Cheesecake Factory and the movies- a perfect combo.

- I'm grateful for the Lord. Even though we're going through a tough trial right now,  this is exactly where we should be and it's making our family stronger.
- I'm grateful I'm able to exercise and fuel my body with the food it needs so baby and myself can be the happy and healthy. 
- I'm grateful for our night time strolls with the pups. And holding hands with my hubs.
- I'm grateful for pumpkins, each one I pass at the grocery makes me smile.
- And I'm thankful for the future, and all we have to look forward to! 

Hope you can find something to be grateful for today!

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