Hope your week is going well. 
With all the craziness that's been going on, I've totally been behind on posting about my bump!
I get lots of people asking to post pics, and I always forget..
But, I just went through all my super classy high quality bathroom bump selfies and put them in a little collage-
It's crazy to see how much my belly has changed already!
I was bad at labeling my pics lol and I tried to wear similar stuff for each one..
but now the weeks all mush together.. opps!
All I know for sure is that the first one is from 5-6 weeks 
and the last row is week 19 and then a shot from this week, which is week 21!
I've gained about 13 lb.'s so far, I'm I'm finally starting to show!
Woot woot.

I'm kinda at that point where unless I'm wearing a tight shirt, I just look like I have a tummy {which there isn't anything wrong with}, but I can't wait till is obvious in all clothing that I have a bun in the oven.
And sorry to those who don't like the bear belly shots.. I'm not one to show my midriff off, but in this case I totally get a kick out of seeing how much I'm changing.
I'm officially 21 weeks, which means I'm half way done!
And let me tell you,
 time. is. flying. by.

I'm feeling great- I sometimes even forget I'm pregnant lol because the symptoms have been pretty mild second trimester- which I'm so thankful for!
I get headaches, worn out a little easier and my lower back hurts now and then-
but other than that I really can't complain.
First trimester was a doozy, so I'm very content where I'm at now.
We got to see some 3D images of him about two weeks ago and it was so cute to see his little toes, and arms wiggling around.
He's always moving like a million times a minute when we get ultrasounds so it's been tough to get a good look at his face- he's a little stubborn babe already!

But we've been able to see his profile, and it's the cutest thing ever. 
I still can't believe we're having a baby.. someone needs to pinch me!

I'm not really craving anything specific and I was finally able to cook eggs and meat for the first time in 5 months!
But now, like making them again sounds horrific.
So I think I'll save cooking that stuff for when the babe's actually here. 
I will say I am kinda picky as to what I do eat and I'm super indecisive.
Like only certain stuff sounds good, and it takes me an hour to decide what I eat-
thank goodness Zak is patient!
Speaking of Zak, he's been reading to baby each night and it's the sweetest thing.
I've been working out for about an hour a day 5 times a week, trying to drink TONS of water and really watching what I eat so baby's getting all his nutrients. 
And sometimes I splurge on a little froyo:)

Hmm.. what else. 
Oh and we kinda sorta almost have a name!
That has been so hard to figure out, but we're getting closer, which is exciting. 
I love that my bump's getting bigger- I can't wait for it to be super round, I think bumps are just the cutest things ever and I love mine so much. 
Anywho, that's enough baby talk!
I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!


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