my 25th birthday.

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm coming off of a wonderful birthday weekend high and getting hit in the face with lots of reality! My day consists of chores, errands and to-do lists that seem to be never ending!
But back to this weekend- this amazing amazing weekend. 
I kinda cheated and started my birthday celebrations a day early when I met my bff Charlcie for dinner.
We went to Backyard Tacos in Mesa, and man was it good. 
We both got like everything on the menu, and now I need a bean and cheese burrito stat just thinking about our dinner. 
She's so sweet and spoiled me with dinner, BoSa Donuts {the best donuts ever} and a candle from Anthro- you guys know I rant and rav about their candles, they're my FAVORITE!
She's the greatest friend I could ever ask for!
And can you believe this is our 13th birthday celebration together?!
Yep, we've been bff's since jr. high!
It's nuts how fast time flies.

 On Friday {my actual birthday} and yes my birthday is on September 11th..
I woke up to our bookshelves empty and in replace of all our books and home decor were balloons, signs, flowers, presents and sweet notes.
Zak is really really good at surprises you guys.
If you've been reading my blog you've probably seen all his Valentines Day and birthday surprises by now-
he's a champ at the sappy romantic stuff and I LOVE IT.
It means so much to me that he takes his time, truly thinks about my birthday, plans out a big surprise and thoughtfully curates all the presents.
It's never thrown together, it's never last minute and it's never ordinary.
Now let me be clear lol because I don't want this to seem like I'm expecting this each time, or rather demanding some grand surprise- because I'm really really not.
Zak goes above and beyond all on his own and it seriously makes my heart so so happy. 
He always says he wants to make me feel special, and that he does.
Thank you babe for getting up before your 4:00 AM alarm and making my birthday morning the best it's ever been, I love you. 

{I'll go through all the gifts a little later in the post}!
Since Zak was at the hospital all day Friday, I met my mom at the mall for some lunch and shopping. 
Since she's been super sick this was the first time, since being back in AZ, that we got to have a little girl time at the mall-
 and it was really sweet!
 Even though it was only a couple hours, I cherish days like those when she's feeling well enough to get out of the house. 
Thanks mom for the lunch, presents and shopping, I had a blast! 

We ventured around the mall and I was able to stock up on some cute fall outfits- all I need now is the weather to drop below 100 and we'd be set. 
I also went into Victoria's Secret, because I'm learning when your preggers some parts of yah literally double and quadruple in size! 
Or maybe it's just me?! 
I hope I'm not alone. 
Anyways, I was trying things on and I looked up realized I fit perfectly in with the dressing room-
shoes and all lol! 

After the mall I met Zak and my dad for dinner at Windsor in Phoenix.
If you're ever looking for a good veggie burger in AZ, Windsor is the place to go!
We all pigged out and it was so so yummy.
We were cracking up over dinner though, because this restaurant is like the kind that is only candle lit, but not like romantic candle lit, it's like hipster we like to eat on the patio with only bistro lights and candles kinda lit lol so my dad had to hold up the candle to the menu to see what to order haha and it's also why we never snagged a photo all together- way too dark.
But the food is fantastic and it's still a super cute place with a yummy ice cream parlor attached!

After dinner Zak and went home and I made a big wish and blew out my candles!
It was such a good day, surrounded by loved ones. 

Over the weekend we had plans to head up north, butttt decided that sleeping in sounded way better since we already have a trip planned to go up north next month.
I'm dying to see the fall leaves and feel the crispy cold air! 
I spent the morning going through all my presents {Zak had to be at the hospital at 6:00 AM the day before so I waited till we had more time to open them} and let me tell you he's the sweetest hubs I could've ever asked for.
With baby coming in five months, {how am I already four months pregnant?!} and us being super strict on spending since baby comings, he made me a bunch of super cute date night baskets that were full of goodies and each card had an itinerary listed with what the night would include- so we could have lots of quality time just him and I before baby. :)
The planner I am, as soon as I opened them up I picked dates out in my calendar because I couldn't wait to go out with him and do all this stuff! 

A little love note in that card. :)
The "home" basket was filled with cookies to bake, my favorite movies {Imitation Game and Theory of Everything}, a pine candle to make our house smell like Christmas and that Cupcakes and Cashmere coffee table book I'd been eyeing for months! 
This date night itinerary had a gift card to Firehouse Subs, along with a date to go watch Ghostbusters at the outdoor movie park downtown- I can't wait till October 9th! We'll have sammies and cuddle up under the stars.
This date itinerary had a trip planned for up north {mentioned that earlier}, everything to make s'mores {including official s'mores holders}, cheddar cheese hiking snacks that I love, a camping book for baby and a portable water bowl for Rom!

This date night itinerary had plans to head down to the pool, read trashy magazines and then he had all the ingredients for gardeners pizza, fried zucchini and spicy mayo- we couldn't resist and did this date Saturday!
This date itinerary listed going to Schnepf Farms {a super fun place where they hold a pumpkin festival filled with food, games, rides, corn mazes and pumpkin patches!}, a pumpkin scented candle {another one of my favorite things} and pumpkin cookie mix so when we're done on the farm we can come home and bake some cookies and pretend it's halloween:) Oh and he got a little shirt for Romie that said "I love my mummy," we're so corny. 
These were also in the farm basket! See that baby book- we have a collection going so far. He also did a movie basket I couldn't get a pic of with tickets, popcorn and treats to take with us when we go to see a film in two weeks- I can't wait!
I told him I didn't need or want anything this year since we have so much going on, but he still went all out and it made me so stinkin' happy.

We watched the Notre Dame game {his family's favorite team} and tried our hand at baking pizzas-
I love when we cook together because we suck and we end up laughing more than cooking and it makes it so much fun. 
Zak honestly did most of the work.
He made the dough, kneaded it and everything! 
We were a little worried they wouldn't come out too good- but we were pleasantly surprised that they tasted pretty dang delicious.
Thanks Newlywed Cookbook!
We topped them with cheese, kale, mushrooms and tomatoes, yum. 

 It kinda took us all afternoon to do, so by the time we were done we put on a 911 documentary and cuddled up on the couch for dinner.
I always try and watch something about the attacks this time of year, since I spend most of my day celebrating my birthday, and lets face it it's not a day to celebrate by any means.
It's surreal to watch, and something we can never forget. 
On Sunday we had ourselves another at home lazy day, because that's what Sundays are for!
We baked cookies, and then ate them for pretty much every meal, watched some more movies and read a little Harry Potter before heading to bed. 
My birthday weekend was full of love, laziness, food, shopping, giggles, cooking and cuddles.
AKA it was perfect. 
Thanks Zak and family for making 25 a good one! 


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