gender reveal party.

Hi everyone! 
So we had a little gender reveal party...
and we found out we're having...
A BOY!!!!

Can you believe it?!
It all seems so real now. 
I 100% thought pink balloons were going to be popping up out of the box, but I was so so wrong.
And like always, Zak won the bet and was right!
We took a big group guess and it was 9-8 that baby was going to be a boy-
haha again I was totally wrong. 

This weekend Zak and I both said we'd had little moments where we'd like picture him doing things, Zak said he thought about throwing the football around with him, 
and it made my heart burst!
It was also really cute when Zak told me before doing rounds at the hospital the doctor asked him to say one thing he was thankful for, and he said our baby boy.
My heart again!

One thing I've been thinking about is how amazing of a man Zak is, and how he can teach our son {so crazy to say!!} how to be a phenomenal boyfriend/fianc√©/husband one day as well.  
Zak goes above and beyond in everything he does-
 he's sweet, gentle and kind, he is so dang patient, rarely rarely rarely gets mad, and when he does we end up laughing and calling each other brats 5 seconds later, he's the king of romance, treats me like the Queen of England, gives the BEST surprises, always tells me that his life goal is just to make me happy, and supports my crazy dreams and goals like he's my biggest fan.. 
{well he is my biggest fan!}
and him passing down those traits to another young man, to make another girl feel the way I do, is the best legacy he could leave. 
Treating a woman right, and not just right, but wonderfully right is sometimes rare to see these days-
but I'm so excited for Zak to not only teach, but show him how it's done. 
He's such a wonderful role model as it is, and he's going to be an even better dad.
Okay my gushiness is over!

The {little} party was a blast, and we can't thank our friends and family enough for coming- you all are such troopers putting up with all our corniness! 
We just had little desserts and appetizers for people to snack on while mingling, made some fun guesses and then did the big reveal!
It wasn't anything grand or fancy, but it was a memorable night that I totally recommend others do if thinking about it!

It was a super fun weekend, and I still can't believe we're having a BOY!
I hope you had an awesome weekend as well!

Oh PS here's a little clip from the reveal, hope you enjoy!


Click below to see the rest of the photos from the night- we took a TON! 

I could totally eat all this food right NOW. 
That spinach dip is calling my name. SO GOOD. 


My parents!

The whole gang on my side of the fam. 

Zak's momma!

My momma:)
The girls!

And now the girls with their guys. 

Thanks Ash for helping my pull this little party off, couldn't have done it without yah!

Zak's side of the family!!


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