becoming parents.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!
Like I promised I wanted to share the day we got the exciting news that we were going to be parents. 
It was such a special time, and we celebrated just Zak and I for like a week straight-
and it was the best thing ever. 
Our little secret. 
And we were bursting at the seams with happiness.
This was one of the toughest summers we've ever had, but getting this news was such a huge blessing during one of life's many trials.
Like I said in the previous post, we were trying to start our family, and it was surreal that it was actually happening. 
Too good to be true kinda feelings. 
It was toward the end of June, and we had four days to spend together, just Zak and I. 
We had been super busy with family stuff, and we just decided to block everything out for a few days so we could just hang out him and I and enjoy our time off together.
It was the best decision ever.. because little did we know we'd be celebrating parenthood!
The first morning I took the pregnancy test, and Zak and I waiting anxiously for two minutes to see if there was a little cross or minus sign..
When the time was up we both peaked- and there it was a clear POSITIVE reading!
We both couldn't believe it. 

^^^ There's a baby in there!!!
Like totally in shock. 
We started jumping up and down hugging one another!
We just couldn't believe it!
I was a little worried and didn't want to get my hopes up so I quickly took another test just to double check, and sure enough it was obviously positive again!
We then threw away our to-do list, forgot about any chores, and said see ya later to other responsibilities and went on as many little date celebrations as we could,
soaking in the good news.
We always dreamed about this day, and we're so thankful we're getting the chance to become parents.
We then celebrated with lots and lots of carbs..

We're parents!!
La Grande Orange, Sauce and the Sugar Bowl to name a few of the places we ate haha. 
You know we had to have a special honorary banana split to celebrate- it's a tradition for us!
And walked around baby shops, talked about names and tried to picture what our life would be like in nine months. 

Same place and same banana split we shared on our wedding night.

This was the sunset that night, it was breathtaking! 
It was the best four days of our summer. 
And one of the best days of our lives for sure. 
I'm so thankful to have a husband who is over the moon excited about this little babe and is the best support system in the entire world. 
Now hurry up February 23rd!

Oh and PS here's a little clip from the day we found out!
I'm making a complete nine month pregnancy vlog/video but just wanted to share this little gem with ya!
And ignore my Alpha Phi jammies and super high pitched excited voice.


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