weddings + date nights + asu = august.

Could this blog post title be anymore random!?
I think not. 
Oh and PS the pic above is right after I got my hair did.
Thank goodness!
I'm back to my old blonde self, and never felt better. 
Shout-out to my sis for working her magic on my sad locks. 
The past three weeks has been wonderful and crazy..
{but when is our life not crazy?!}
We joke that "crazy" is our new normal. 
Zak's been busy with school, he's on his OBGYN rotation still so he's spending lots of time either in delivery or the operating room, which is pretty cool.
I've been chugging away applying for jobs.. 
and really trying to figure out what I want to do next. 
I was talking with a couple girlfriends yesterday about our futures, and we all said we had so much we wanted to do, it's just difficult putting it into words and then on paper to make it happen haha.
So yeah, I have a lot to figure out still in that department.
I'm certainly feeling more settled in our downtown apartment, and will totally post pictures soon!
My birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of asking for a new kitchen table.
So lame, but I have my mind on set on how I want our dinning room to look- and our current itsy bitty two-seater table needs to go, pronto.
So as soon as I get rid of that bad boy I'll give a little house tour!
But anywho!
Here are some photos from this month:

I had a little girls night dinner with two of my best friends at Flower Child in Arcadia, and man was it good. 
It's really healthy food, in appropriate portion sizes and I was shocked at how yummy it was!
And it was such an adorable restaurant. 
I'd totally recommend it!
We chatted, laughed and stayed a little later than normal to share some dessert.
I'm grateful for these girls and so happy to be back in AZ with them. 
It was a lovely night!

I've also been visiting my mom a ton {she's still super sick} but every time I go to her house we have a really fun time and she makes me the best smoothies! 
They taste just like Jamba!

We went to my best friend's brother's wedding the other weekend and it was a blast!
I love her family so much, they're such a hoot to be around.

Oh just me a Romie napping/Netflixing. He's the best cuddle bug!

Zak and I discovered a really good Thai place downtown.. 
 and had take-out in the living one Friday night.
I love those nights. 
I guess it's kinda cool living downtown.
I just pretended we were in New York when we picked up the food from this building. 
I'm so lame. 
But it helps?
Especially when it's 117 degrees outside.... AZ YOU"RE KILLIN ME. 

My little sister in my sorority asked me {in the cutest way} to be her bridesmaid!
I'm so honored!! 
And can't wait to be apart of her special day.
I'm seriously so happy for her and thrilled she found the man of her dreams. 

Each night we go on a walk around the neighborhood with Romie, and it's starting to be my favorite time of the day.
I love this guy so much. 

Last week Zak's phone was dead while at the hospital so I didn't know what time he'd be home..
so when I heard him unlocking the door at 4:30 I was thrilled!
He usually isn't home till around 7.. so again I was thrilled to see him this early.
And he had two movies, sour punch straws and Skinny Cows in his hands!
All my favorite treats.
He told me to stop what I was doing and that we were going to have a date night.
It's little moments like this that make life so much fun. 
Thanks for making my Wednesday nights amazing babe, I love you so. 

Last weekend we had really fun pictures taken {i'll show you those once I get them back!} and then we went to our favorite favorite Mexican restaurant Serrano's!
We hadn't been there since we moved to Nebraska, so we were super excited to get our hands on those chips, salsa and bean dip!
Just looking at these pics makes me wanna go back RIGHT NOW!

And then I paid for eating all those incredible chips, salsa at the gym the next day...
but it was so worth it. 

The last few days I've spending lots of time at ASU.
I've been helping out my sorority, and geez Louise being in Tempe brings back so many memories!
Walking around campus, I remembered all the times Zak and I shared there,
and it was crazy because that's where we went from dating to best friends to we're getting married.
I was almost getting teary eyed thinking about our four years at ASU.
That's a majority of our relationship spent on that crazy campus.
And I loved every minute of it. 
I'm so glad I can now share my experiences and advice with these younger girls and mentor them through their college years.

Anywho, I'm just catching up on chores and to-do lists now. 
Such a glamorous life I live!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


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