SURPRISE! We're having a baby!

Yep, you heard that right, 
We're still in the over-the-moon-is-this-really-happening-pinch-us-on-cloud-nine phase..
and now that the cat's out of the bag {finally} it's more real than ever.
And we love it. 
We celebrated last weekend with a little confetti, and I'm so excited to share all the photos and most importantly some more details about our little babe. 
First and foremost, we can't thank everyone enough for their sweet words and well wishes.
Like, really.
Love and support from everyone around us has meant the world, and we're truly blessed.
And secondly, thank you Sydney Aylesworth for these amazing photos.
It was a kinda crazy idea I had, oh and it was like 117 degrees that day..
and she totally went with the confetti theme and made it so much fun!
These pics are priceless to us, and we're so thankful for her.
PS if you're in AZ and looking for a photog, totally check out her work here.  

We've been praying and hoping for this little baby for a while now, and we're thrilled our dreams and becoming a reality.
When we found out we were going to be moving back to Arizona, we knew there's never a perfect time to have kiddos, but if there were a perfect time to start our family it'd be during these two years.
Surrounded by our family. 
And voila, it's happening!

I thank the Lord everyday for trusting Zak and I with this little piece of heaven, and we cannot wait to become parents.
That's one big check off our life long bucket list, that's for sure.
We've been dreaming about this exact time in our lives since we were 18-years-old.
I'm serious! 
We would make lists of baby names, come up with fun things to do with our kiddos and research parenting tips/advice all while dreaming of our future family.
We're corny, I know, but we always wanted a family and it's finally happening! 

Each time we go to our doctor's appointment we leave beaming with smiles from ear to ear because we still can't believe it's happening. 
This last appointment we got a print out from the ultrasound, and our little peanut is so darn cute it hurts.
Zak is the sweetest and does everything he can to make it to all my appointments, no matter what.
Like that same morning he was in a two hour surgery and as soon as it was over he ran to my doctor's office {in scrubs and all} 
and made it just in time to see the babe and hear the heartbeat.
Little moments like that remind me how amazing of dad he's going to be.

On Tuesday I'll be 14 weeks, so I'm officially in my second trimester.
Woot woot!
The first month or so wasn't too fun for me.
Lets just say I was very nauseous and so so tired.
I'm not a napper, and I would have to lay down every afternoon.
It's crazy how much your body changes just in the first few weeks.
I'm thankful to be outta the woods and feeling much better and totally like myself again:)
My bump is finally starting to grow, and I can't wait for it to start showing!

Zak's been unbelievable and so dang supportive through everything.
He's the king of surprises and will just come home with take-out from my favorite restaurant or movies or dessert just to celebrate the different weeks and milestones.
It's really the sweetest. 

Our families are thrilled as well, and can't wait for our new addition.
As of now, I kinda think it's a girl and Zak kinda thinks it's a boy.
So we'll just have to wait another month and see who's right!
We're not leaning toward one gender or the other, we want a lot of kids, so I'm not too concerned.
Just want a little healthy babe!

Our due date is February 23rd, 2016 so we're counting down the days till winter!
It can't come soon enough.
I'm going to post about the day we found out we were pregnant and how we celebrated and all that jazz later this week!
So look out for that:)
I've also been documenting everything {typical me} and taking lots of videos to put together at the end of the 9 months to see how much has changed!
It feels really nice to be able to blog about it now- it was so hard to keep it a secret.

Anywho, we can't thank everyone enough for the sweetness, it's truly the best!
Baby H. is already so loved, and we're forever grateful for this amazing gift.
On to the next chapter of our wild life we go!


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