So lets take it back to May, shall we?
When Zak was studying dang near 24/7 and I was packing our life up getting ready for the big move!
Can I just say really quick that I packed every single box in our apartment 100% by myself!
It was a very big accomplishment of mine!
And I learned I have wayy too many candles.

And I also learned that putting on a new show and having ice cream breaks makes packing much more enjoyable.

And I learned the gym doesn't because packing while very sore is very hard. :/

Oh and this is so random, but I found these two gems sitting by the dumpster, and HAD to take them in! I can't wait to spruce them up- they're too cute. 

I also spoiled the crap out of Zak during this time {since he was studying for this huge test}, so I made lots of yummy treats like this creation below. :) MMM! 

Oh and Romie also helped me pack, and enjoyed when I found stuff like his cowboy hat. 

But sometimes he was a bad influence to scrap the packing and take a nap. 

My dad flew in to help us caravan back to Arizona, so him and I got to spend a little time around Omaha before leaving, which was super sweet.
He makes us laugh so much, and it's always a blast being around him!
I'm forever thankful to have such an amazing pop:)
I lucked out!
We went to all our favorite restaurants, adventured around our favorite neighborhoods, and went on some hikes by the river.
I love love love spending time together. 
We went and had thee BEST clam chowder, chili, fish & chips and salad.
Like so so so good. 
Would I would do for that food right now!

The ever so gorgeous Missouri river!

And then we stopped by one of our favorite shops. 

And I had to say one more goodbye to the gorgeous historic neighborhood. :(
It's so pretty here. 
And I already miss it like crazy.

 On our last night we had a going away dinner with our group of friends and also celebrated the hubby's being done with their tests! Hip hip hooray!
We had some awesome thai food, and I really tried hard not to think of this as a goodbye, but more of a see you later, as cheesy as that sounds.
These people were our family. 
And will be our forever friends. 
I'm so grateful to have bonded so closely with them these past two years-
I already want to go back and see them:(
Oh and they gave us the nicest going away basket you ever did see!
Equipped with every homemade treat, candy, road trip snack, book, game, picture frame, gifts card you could think of and the sweetest notes from each person. 
We seriously are so blessed to have them in our life. 

PS two couples are missing in this photo:(

  After dinner Zak, my dad and I went bike riding around the river, which is something I've really really wanted to do for 2 years now! 
And only those two would brave a thunder storm the night before a huge move {and hours after taking an exhausting test} for me. :)
We had an absolute blast riding around, and a fair was going on, which made it all the more fun.
The men in my wife are pretty amazing. 

And then the next morning we had all our friends over for doughnuts and then they helped us pack up the Uhaul and we took off! 
I need to upload the photos from my good camera- so I'll update this post a little late with some better pics!
Anywho, this was how our last few days in Omaha went!


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