ja ja june.

So sometimes this blog is more like a journal to me,
 where I document all kinds of life moments so that I can look back at one day and remember all the little details.. 
at least that's what my hopeless romantic heart wants to do!
And this post is going to be nothing short of that- 
a big "my life according to my iPhone" during June.
Soooo sorry in advance for the photo overload!
But here we go!
Here's our June condensed to one post:


Puppy sat my mom's little one.
And had lots of cuddle time!

We also took our niece and nephew to the pool, like all the time.
We even took them to Zak's high school pool to ya know relive the awesome teenage years.

We also celebrated the birth of a really cool Star Wars obsessed 12-year-old.

What I would do for some Grimaldi's pizza right now!
Me with a GIANT Darth Vader balloon. 

We also had lots of quality time at the hospital visiting my momma.
So grateful for wonderful doctors, nurses and for her health!

My mom also convinced the hospital staff to let me niece ride in the bed with her, only my mom would do that haha!
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We also found the cutest little amusement park in Scottsdale.

And we also ate out a TON!
And now are on a no eating out rule, cuz lets be honest our waist lines and wallets can't afford eating out every night.
But it was great eating at our fav AZ places again!

Mmmm mexi food!
Pizza by the pool. 

Costa Vida!

The kiddos choice, classy Denny's.

And the cutest little bistro little steps from our front door- how adorable is that table!
We also visited family :)

This photo melts my heart! Zak helping his grandma get to her hair appointment!

And we had lots of girl time!

Along with a couple Ikea trips, because having an Ikea in your state in AMAZING!

Hope you have an awesome Monday!


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  1. I love love love all your pictures! So cute! Where did you find your yellow swimsuit, I adore it!