hubby shout-out.

This morning Zak crawled into bed, after working 14 hours overnight, and told me that he delivered his first baby.
I couldn't be more proud!
He keeps amazing me every. single. day. with this medical journey- 
and he's going to make the best doctor.
And while we're on the topic of Zak and medical school, I also want to give him a HUGE shout-out about his HUGE test that he took back in May.
You probably remember me blogging about it like 137495 times..
and well after almost two months of waiting to hear his score, we got it back and he did phenomenal.
Like monumentally good.
Like way way wayyy better than he ever hoped or wished.
Like pinch us this can't be real kinda score. 
We're both kinda still in shock,
 and so so so grateful God helped prepare him for this exam. 
He won't like me talking about him.. but I just had to bring it up!
This test determines what type of doctor you can be- the better you do the more specialities you can go into, 
and now Zak is literally able to go into whatever field of medicine he may choose, 
and that right there is the biggest blessing in the world.
Goodness I'm just so stinkin' proud of him I could scream!
And I did a few times over the phone when we first found out about his score..!
Now he's in his third week of third year, where it's all at the hospital.
It's completely hands on, he's not in the classroom anymore and he truly loves it. 
I was worried if he was going to enjoy the Phoenix campus, since it's a big change coming from Omaha,
 but he gets excited when goes in for his shift and always has great stories to tell afterwards and he's truly digging it. 
Which also makes me so so happy.
Okay my brag fest is over, sorry babe!
I just wuv you so much!

Hope you have a good Tuesday!

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  1. That is so very exciting! Reading along to your journey, I can only imagine how excited & proud you must feel for him! Love witnessing your support & grace you provide your husband through your blog! 💜💜💜💜