I'm backkkkk!
Thanks for being patient, you're a gem!
Since the middle of May, till now life has been insane.
Probably one of the most stressful times of my life to date, but things are slowly getting back to how they used to be and I'm so thankful for that. 
As you most likely read in my last post, my mom has been having serious health issues so I pretty much shut out the world for a good month and did nothing but family. 
She's back on the mend, not 100%, and not feeling her normal self, but she's seeing some progress, which has given us a little light at the end of this tunnel and it's making the days go by easier. 
It also always takes time for me to transition to new places after we move. 
I crave routine and having a consistent routine everyday keeps me sane-
but we all know with moving {especially cross country} it takes a bit to find your routine again. 
Find a gym, find a job, find the nearest {and safest} Wal Mart, see friends, visit family, un pack, re organize, change all addresses, hang everything on the walls, find a new doctor etc etc etc!
It's kinda crazy-vill for a while, and I kinda hate that. 
So now things are setting down {thank goodness} and I'm starting to see routine, which is a miracle b/c for a little time there I thought our life was never going to slow down!
When we moved last summer from Nebraska to Iowa it was the easiest transition in the world- within 1 week EVERYTHING was done and perfect. 
This summer is was a mess!
And I'm glad it's almost over, this heat is also killing me!
Okay so this post sounds very dramatic/emo/hating AZ, but I'm venting and just trying to give ya a little glimpse into the last month and a half. 
And I'm going to try and be super positive and make this my only moving-is-stupid-AZ-is-hot-our-life-is-crazy-this-summer-was-insane post!
Because lets be real, no one likes a negative Nancy. 
We are thankful to be around family again, and I think as things start to go back to normal and it's not 115 degrees I'll start appreciating this state again. ;)
But anywho, we have lots to catch up on!
So get ready for posts galore!


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